It's time to bring people in...

in money •  5 months ago

Nobody can say to you, how the crypto market is going to evolve. Will we see the 4000 $ for BTC as this guy believes or is the price rising in the next days to 7000? Despite this fact, it is clear that the time to invest some money in cryptocurrencies (also Steem) is a lot better than in the hype of December.

So remember people who asked you in this hype time about information and send them this video with Vitalik Buterin because now it's a good time to come in eventhough it might fall further in a short time period. Because at the moment people are investing just money they can afford to lose because it looks so bad in the market. But the technology will serve a broad purpose:

"In god we trust" has changed into "In nation states we trust" and is changing now into "In Math we trust!" is a good but too short idea resuming this interview. So spread this video and share it with your friends.

There are some reasons to see a bright future for cryptos although they might still lose 30% still. Some reasons are collected in this articles:

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