Without Direct Bond Market Intervention, (More Rigging), Stocks Are In Trouble. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I personally would like to see some money move into the Commodities and crypto currency’s, cheers mike

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Greg, Interesting movements in the markets today. No sharp selloff so far this morning. Right now bonds are getting a bid, and markets drifting higher. Thanks again for all your musings and insights. Love you trading triggers from your website.. upvoted and resteemed.

Good to learn something nice and useful post.

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very Informative post

Thank You Greg, I'm Watching your bond chart,

Hey Greg, thanks for the update.

We should also pay attention to what is happening with Libor rates. I just looked at the 1 month rate and it is pushing 2.4%. This year has seen steady month on month increases in Libor rates.
The scale of corporate/bank debt is so huge that this steady increase in Libor rates is going to become a problem.
How will the Fed deal with this?

Things keep looking shakier. Surprised they were able to lower gold after it has been over 1300 for so long.
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