Wall Street Is About To Have A Field Day With Bitcoin Futures, Here's How. By Gregory Mannarino

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Today Bitcoin is scheduled to start trading on the futures markets and Wall Street is going to have a field day with it.

First, let’s define what futures trading is.

Trading or speculating on futures is simply a contract, an agreement, in which a party agrees to buy or sell a particular asset in the future at a set price.

Now I want you to ponder this...
On a relative basis Bitcoin is thinly traded moreover, it is also not widely held-so what does this mean?

The fact that again on a relative basis Bitcoin is thinly traded and not widely held leaves open the door For major rigging of the price action of Bitcoin, and it is so simple for Wall Street to do it!

So how will this work?

Being that Bitcoin is now going to be speculated on by not just the regular guy or gal on the street, but by major Wall Street institutions, all that needs to be done is a big bank or someone with very deep pockets can go ahead and buy large blocks of Bitcoin in an attempt to drive the price higher, and then dump these large positions back onto the market-and Professional Wall Street Speculators are going to have a field day doing this reaping windfall profits via futures contracts without ever owning a single Bitcoin.

It is always the same, Wall Street wins...

Gregory Mannarino, The Robin Hood Of Wall Street.


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I am concerned that "Satoshi" was a Wall Street group all along, and that "his" 50% of the bitcoin is about to hit the market in a brutal way. That said, I also know they tried to "bait" us into a deeper control matrix with the internet, and that backfired. Seriously. I think they may have tried to drive people into cryptocurrency with the plan of grabbing the reins of control lightly until enough momentum was built up. The hardest people to move to digital currency SHOULD be the ones who understand fiat. By making cryptos "rebellious" they got the rebels in first. However, by getting the rebels all on board, when they go to try to tighten their grip it may not go as smoothly as they envisioned.

But would a "Wall St Satoshi" have dared to put out something as disruptive as bitcoin? Also, Wall St may be clever and devious, but maybe not as wise as Satoshi.

Greg has a great point, and it appears that the powers-that-bleed-us-dry are already trying to manipulate the price of bitcoin. Not sure if they'll succeed, but we can all be sure that Wall St will make a strenuous effort to manipulate, control, and profit from cryptocurrencies.

While they can ....


The story of options, legal theft and near financial collapse. Learn history or repeat history.

That is an interesting and plausible perspective.

futures are just a fancy word for a bankers casino. those who sold want to go back in and some now are desparately raising all sorts of flags and fears. btc will not give a iota about bankers games, the free people decide what the value of btc will be at any particular time that includes ltc, eth, dash, monero, eos, steem, bts, iota etc etc. bankers havent even heard about those and dont have a clue how to buy btc. there is risk, yes, like telling race drivers there is risk in racing formula 1, thanks, the drivers did not know that

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Knowing there was a pump or dump coming wouldn't be insider trading?

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That worries me a lot. Let see what will happen. Bitcoin price might fall, since many could now start shorting it. Upvoted and resteem.

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The current Bitcoin market has so much that it is afraid to take trade from here. I do not know how much bitcoin it will go, now it's a matter of thinking.

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We will never be able to separate from these crazy banking institutions

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Gonna be a wild ride for sure! What do you think will happen with the altcoins/BTC?

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Yes your are right Greg. They can pick and choose what exchange price feed to use to rig the numbers.

While options had a legitimate purpose for commodity traders, options on financial istruments has become a form of fraud. The big banks will manipulate the price of Bitcoin up and down at their will and we the people will all be the losers. I am a not a computer person or a banker but humanity must find a way to rid the world of market manipulators or no currency is safe. Thanks for your post.

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I believe, that this time, wall street is going to lose.
Or more importantly, they are going to be ignored.

Markets will make the price of bitcoin, and this off track betting will be such a disaster. Such as they try to rig the prices lower, and bitcoin goes up instead creating a schism between prices that can't be filled.

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It was only only a matter of time before the banksters got involved. You're correct. They win, we lose...

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So, I suppose what a holder might do is watch for the HUGE incremental rise in price due these speculative parasites and sell making LARGE profits? I , myself, like to hodL.....................

Now I want you to ponder this...

Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency in the world and it's future is bright. It will be change the world.

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I'm pretty new to trading. So I might be wrong. BTC price on smaller exchanges can be pushed up. Some idiots with hype could pick it up as a bullish sign and start pumping. Think what happened with SBD. But with BTC volume and price, the manipulation would be hard.

Having a bunch of exchanges can work both ways. Lots of places to trade will make manipulation difficult while smaller exchanges will be vulnerable to manipulation.

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So, these banks will be buying BTC off the record to drive the price? Is that on the level/legal? Thanks for the post!

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Yep, that's definitely a concern. Given the price action of this past week, it's quite clear that Wall St is sticking its fingers far into the bitcoin space.

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