(VIDEO). IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Gold, Silver, Bonds, Bitcoin, Dollar, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino
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He really gets a strong opinion going, doesn't he?

It will be Crypto that sets AU/AG free. Tokenization of AU/AG at the mines will connect miners directly to OEM who need AG (and AU) for production of their products. This will bypass the traditional exchanges (like CME) and the banks who manipulate the price every single day. People, get it through your head, stop hating cryptos and push for it if you want $600 AG!

I take it you haven't given the RESET of our U.S. Coinage much thought...
Do yourself a favor and read some of my many Posts...
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hope fully well...your content must be a learner company.
because I got something from your content and it's can help me...

The Content in my posts will open your eyes to something everyone
seems to be over-looking... It's my thoughts on the RESET of our U.S.
Coinage... I'm thinking it will be a 100 Fold increase in its Buying Power...
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Hello Greg, Another great video. I will resteem this video, because we need to save as many people from the Central Banks "Matrix".
Have a great weekend!

I like what you typed about saving people from the Central Banks...
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great money! marketreport

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c'est très joli de @bakabou159704

It will be Crypto that sets AU/AG free. Tokenization of AU/AG at the mines will associate mineworkers straightforwardly to OEM who require AG (and AU) for creation of their items. This will sidestep the customary trades (like CME) and the banks who control the value each and every day. Individuals, get it through your head, quit loathing cryptos and push for it in the event that you

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That was a great video blog, Mr. Mannarino! Thanks for continuing to share your wit and wisdom. A huge transfer of wealth is coming, and a lot of people will be broke after it occurs.

People should get out of debt, have provisions to survive, and start growing wealth via multiple baskets to hedge their risks.

May your weekend be an excellent one!

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Aղძ მ աօղძεɾբմl εբբօɾȶ աօɾȶհƳ օբ հἶʂ ƈƈcმրმƁჩlε ƈƈcօղʂƈƈcἶօմʂղεʂʂ

Good report.