(VIDEO) Dollar Alternatives Under Attack, Bond Market Continues To Bleed. By Gregory Mannarino

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In the video below, I go cover the onslaught against the paper derivatives of gold and silver in today's trade. I also discuss how a short term bounce higher in the stock market is likely, and why.

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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Great video Greg thank you . Do you ever trade on Bitrex ? would love to see a live stream :-) it looks simple to trade but what to look for is the question , The swings are breathtaking i am sure if you play that right there is a lot of bitcoin to be made any thoughts or tips .

Buy silver - "the most undervalued asset in the world" and "become your own Central Bank"! I love, when you say that, cause it´s so true :-)

buy now huge metals order is in the wings will drive up prices. ty greg

with g20 going on the prices will fall

Another buying opportunity for real silver. I keep my long term strategy!

Did I not say last week this was going to happen with silver.

Wait to you see Silver plunge 60% down to $6.60oz because of the paper silver dump.

Sunshine up the ass? good one Gregory.

I think the Bankers are printing Ripple out of thin air to buy other crypto's to inflate them into a bubble.


My local coin shop, in very busy area, was sold out of junk silver, common .999s, generics silver rounds, 90% etc... everything. Should have got it yesterday, at slightly higher price. At these prices, get it when you can.

the out right thievery is laughable.

YEAH that is a very good post and very truthful

Interesting times. Thank Greg.

"become your own Central Bank"!

buying silver and betting on the governments and bankers will give the power back in the peoples hands

YES good to find a market report that is useful to me - i upvote and follow you now - if you like original music and painting perhaps you should drop in and visit my page -D

Greg, I'm actually upset that you have been handing out quarters all day and I didn't get one. :-) I'm still liking the "long teh market" call for early next week hopefully. SVXY "should" trade thru $160 I would imagine...assuming you also track that pyscho VIXen that does opposite the sexy VIXens like the VIX


Yes I like tech here, let's see how it plays out.

I'd like to see another gapdown on the open in silver (SLV) on Mon. If it actually does... make sure you check your feed to see my new buy call in SLV. Those SLV $16 puts (for yesterday's expiry) I bought at .22 a few days back as a hedge against my GDX long traded as high as 1.46 while I was paying attention. I got out with less than half that 2 days ago ...240% in 3 days is "pretty good" I guess. My "precise" short SLV call ended up with a "700%er" ....confirmed. I think I can beat that with my next buy call. I'm going for the "mythical" 1000%er, Greg. If I can't do it...please refer me to the guy who can. I will follow. :-)

Must start to teach again!

Manipulation, manipulation, manipulation. What else there is their doing.

I personally think that gold and silver owners are moving over to cryptocurrencies, considering them to be the next 'gold and silver'

hi greg im very nervous about silver. First Majestic Silver (AG) seems to be getting raped. Will paper silver go higher by august?

You need to be buying real physical silver not the paper ETF crap...

I don't think you have been listening. The slv is being used to crush the price, which means there are going to be far more down days than up. Playing the slv and the gld is a fool's game the market will stay insane far longer than you can stay liquid. Greg says these are not trading vehicle and I think you should listen to him. He admitted he got smoked trying. Cut your losses and buy physical. When the physical market breaks out the paper market will evaporate. Its loose loose for those playing in that space. I'm no trader so do what you will, but I wouldn't touch the paper derivative market I simply watch it get crushed and buy more physical.

we are all waiting for the day the physical supply will not be delivered

Bought another 100 ounces of physical Silver today. Roar

Imformative Post to me
Thank you

The fat kats are gonna bleed ya' and keep ya' on their rat wheel however they can.......................

Greg, I don't comment regularly on your posts because you receive so many. However, please know that I am ALWAYS so grateful and thankful to you for all that you do to be so helpful!

Absolutely absurd how they squash pm's especially silver, you can tell it's what they fear most. For those who have'nt gottin in yet, it's a gift, I hope many take advantage of it. At least the crypto's are more stable or less squashable. Thanks Greg ! Have a great weekend !

Greg you are spot on it buddy! I am a loyal listener. You got me here and I'm happy you told your audience to research Steem it. I wish you would include Veritaseum, 1OX (Pay), Ethereum, Light Coin, and Bitcoin in your research. I am making a killing on some of these. I'm a big fan of your work. You emailed me back a response, and Greg you said keep in touch and I am. I appreciate you telling me about this site! Thanks!

Silver sounds very good to me!!!

thank you for the update

Dear Gregory. But please help to understand; if the silver producers (miners and smelters) unite into a kind of professional union they can easily dictate the price !!! And thus can bend over the banksters , no matter how hard they try to shuffle and reshuffle the paper silver!! Why oh why it never happened yet??? Monopoly on the price of a product can only be in the hands of the producer or am i very wrong???

How ridiculous is it when a bankster can dictate the producer what to sell his product for? And why all these mining companies do nothing about it???


Thank You for the great video, and have a good weekend.

It all seems to be kicking off. Time for some fireworks i think

Great video once again.

I hate all this manipulation. For /SI to be down more then 3% is ridiculous and this is getting frustrating. However, its a good time to add more physical.

I went ahead and bought some Silver due to this drag down.

Thanks for your advice!

I am spending Greg:) Can anybody guess what I am buying?

stay calm and keep stacking

No no no silver for me anymore!

you're thinking it will stay down? I don't think so my friend! Have a little faith ;)

I see yaa!! :) No, it will raise for sure. But 15.48 for it , it is a good deal for silver !

Thank you very much for sharing this useful information. Your posts are really adding a true value to the community and I really appreciate that effort as well.


Word on the street is that the velocity of the dollar is basically stagnant... No one is spending or going into more/enough debt to keep the system churning at a sustainable rate.

Thanks again Greg.

The day will come when them holding the dollar will regret it poor sods , cheers mike

You are looking very sharp today. Nice haircut/trim. Are we going to see a larger DJI haircut coming?

thank you for the video.

For all of you: do not sell your physical silver despite the absurdity of this market ;-)

Silver is used massively for solar power generation. Solar power will dominate completely the energy production in 3 years, and in the following video you can understand why...


Solar panels need silver as reflective material. You can imagine how high silver it will go only for this reason alone.

With the upgrade in battery storage power there will be a need for a lot less solar panels actually. Somebody will find a "niche" and get the price just right on solar panels ...offering more amps generated at a lower price. Once "high priced" Elon Musk is out of the way and competition can come in teh price of the batteries will come down. It is pretty awesome technology though. You can drain your battery to well below the 50% maximum allowed on a lead acid battery. The price of them just needs to come down. There are already batteries like this being offered and you would be better off building your own system instead of paying Elon $5K+ for his Wall of Excess.

Solar will be needed to charge the batteries, but I agree 101% on Elon Musk, he is the genius of the con artists in getting public funding for his dubious adventures. If I would be him I would try to solve the Fukushima problem instead of sending people to Mars... unfortunately for us he is not genius in this, sorry Elon :-D

I don't consider that genius...getting the public funding. With more efficient battery storage you could charge via a solar panel that is say 150 watts instead of buying two 100 watt panels to provide the same function with a system using an AGM battery. So I "expect" the demand for solar panels to come down as battery storage technology improves. Solar stocks are as bad if not worse than mining stocks right now. This one here is about the closest to being a buy...and it looks like it's Shit Outta Luck. (SOL)


The total amount of energy generated by solar tech in the world now is less than 2%:


So if the actual trend to generate all the power with solar continues (and of course also store the energy with batteries) the request for solar panels will only increase. Time will tell who is right... ;-)

Btw "genius" referred to EM was obviously sarcastic... ;-)
Please do not associate solar tech with EM (the con) because the first is our friend but not the second. Solar tech is a decentralized tech i.e. it is wealth distributed to everyone, but EM is just a parasitic entity whose purpose is to increase the public debt and pocket as much as possible for himself with the excuse of solar tech.

Solar won't make major headway without govmint help to the actual consumer. For a very small amount of solar you could provide pretty much all of your lighting, some help with cooling, charge up your phones and computers, you can already get a very big bang for teh buck it you do the work yourself. "If" teh govmint stepped in and said that they would give you $5000 in solar tax credits (not write off, credits) then solar woul dtake off. it would reduce out energy dependence, lots of good would come out of it. In the end it will "likely" just have to get cheap enough to do it on your own. It's definitely heading that way. No solar boom without govmint help to the sheeple...not clowns and corporate dick heads like Elon. The chances of getting a govmint subsidy like that are slim and none I would say. The windup? >>> Wait for solar components to get even cheaper.

Solar and wind is now either the same price or cheaper than new fossil fuel capacity in more than 30 countries, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum:


Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity:


and the price will be much lower in the next years.

Just bought more silver ounces. Resteemed!

Metals are like a lead zeppelin lately! Great video "Greg The Lion Mannarino"!

Excellent observation. In my original spew a few weeks back I pointed out how "miserable" it was to be a stacker right now. The "same" appropriate music I posted then. Unless Greg upvotes this spew it will likely earn no more than say .05. All proceeds as with my previous spew go to the greatest rock n roll band there ever was. And Jimmy Page....truly a "genius"...very few of em left now sad to say. I'm wreckin an original Led Zep vinyl in excellent condition is worth more than an ounce of silver though. :-)

Lol thanks for the comment and followed. An ounce of silver is not worth much these days! Lol

The funniest part is that you actually earned .24 for the spew I replied to... while I didn earn shit for my STEEMing pile of nonsense that I thunk was at least worth a quarter. :-)

A nickel for your thoughts Joe :)

As it "should" be. Did you see that gal on the trending list everyday? The one that's STILL making $1000/day spewing about her Bahamas vacation? That alone tells you the crypto mania is just that...a mania. :-)

I have no idea how to figure out Steem. Thanks for the gift though and sorry your post did not make more.

Oh I don't care at all about how much money my posts make. If I was making $hundreds$ per week here I would be giving it away I'm sure. Longer term nobody walks with anything so hopefully some people are at least smart enough to enjoy their new found wealth. But they should definitely use very good record keeping if they convert to dollars and put those dollars into any institution monitored by IRS, like a bank account, rechargeable debit card, paypal, anything like that. I'd be cashing "all out!" right now if I owned any bitcoin and likely all other cryptos as methinks they will all follow the path of bitcoin.

Yes a person does have to be careful when it comes to the IRS!

I will continue to work and amass more money! To buy more options and fund even more my account!!

oh your voice is very handsome like your face :D
thx for the infomation

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hard assets - Gold silver and stockpile on supplies. Food essentials. It all makes sense what they are doing but it will not work with me. LOL Thanks Greg.

Hey Greg nice to meet you! Ive been a follower of yours for years on youtube! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the update. I think silver is an underrate asset by traders and investor. Going to do my research on it.

Its all trickery! Your right these type of actions are manipulated 2 +2 = 5 #Bizaaroland

high quality post
thank you

Always great info Gregory, I wasnt aware of the Japanese market flash. Im sure just an opportunity for some more of the club to get in on a lower price. I have a poem about the federal reserve that you and some might like here... mine if I post? I just dont want to blast your page ...

thank you.

"If you are a TRADER, there are opportunities all over the place", but at TRADERschoicedot com, there are only two trades open !?!?

Because he really only talks. He's not a real trader dude. No trader in their right mind talks like he does about all this manipulation, money moving out of here this day, then money moving back over here the next day, oil supply this day then it's manipulative if the reserves go down one week and goes against what he may have said the day before.

I would challenge him to a quarters worth of trading and see who earns more profits, using any instrument. But i know this is futile cause he already flagged one of my replies to him, I'm sure this one will follow, but then again I am replying to you so it may sneak by.

He places straddles on almost everything he touches, no futurestrading, no stock buying, just the same old mantra. I don't know man, he must need reassurance from his subs or something. You should see his vids from when he was living in Staten Island. Straight out of the Guido book. (I'm Italian too so I can say it :) )

Anyone can do what he does and be ambiguous enough to twist it to their narrative. His followers kinda remind me of Moonies, back in the late 70's early 80's. I not know if you know what I Moonie is, but I damn for sure know this guy does living in NYC at that time.

Anyway, he won't ever give you a real answer. They are very short and irrelevant. He did say that he was going to mentor a person or something like that. This I gotta see!!!!! I wanna see the Great GM show someone his style of trading, post the P&Ls with date and time stamps from his abbreviated acct, and then, only then will I let up and give this guy cred. Until then, he's another Guido from the block...

I still try and track Greg's "actual" trades so that anyone can get full disclosure. In fairness to Greg he has been more timely in telling people about whether he initiated straddles or naked call/put positions. His disclosure on his trades has become much better since I "attacked" him like you just did concerning the disclosure matter. I don't agree with most of Greg's opinions on things...but then again his viewers/listeners for the most part think like Greg, who in fact thinks like 90% of everybody out there. Greg as of right now is a "presenter" of things to come as teh "ave Joe" thinks. That's part of the reason why he's so popular. My goal is to make Greg a better trader. Before too long Greg won't be using "straddles" at all. "Straddlin" is for Izzy...not for traders altho I could see straddlin into an errrnuns release. Even then...the marekt itself tells us whther or not the gap high or low still needs to get taken out. So it never really is too late to catch the drop/rally. This is some deep shit. Don'tcha think, Greg? :-)

Why would I need to open more?

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