(VIDEO) Comey Testimony, Russia Hoax, Mysterious Gold Dump, MORE. By Gregory Mannarino

in money •  2 years ago

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In the video below, I cover some highlights with regard to the Comey testimony, today's mysterious gold dump, and where the market appears to be going in light of the now debunked Russia hoax, and the left's nonsensical President Trump obstruction of justice delusion.

Gregory Mannarino
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Lock him up


I hope they do.


He'll probably get a show on CNN.


Lock up Bush and Cheney if you want to lock up REAL criminals.


I say lock them all up, they are all criminals. And while were at it, lets clean up the banking system and the commodities manipulators. Karma is a motha fo and all those sucking the life out of the system will pay a heavy price when the hammer comes down. As Gregory says we don't know when, but it will be soon.

Greg... I always upvote & resteem your work.
I am a very long time follower and share your work whenever you put something out on the net.
I am in the process of becoming one of your lions, as well!
Looking forward to building my wealth with your assistance! :)


One thing is for sure someone needs to go to jail, they cannot expect the American public to stomach these double standards again and again and still believe in the rule of law.


It seems the American public will overlook anything now a days. They are bombarded with so much crap everyday, no one knows whats real or fake anymore. They just go with whatever said on the news, because of course if its on tv it must be true! I hope they do something this time, its becoming normal for politicians to break the law and it be overlooked. Not a good thing for the American people.

Good summary of the Comey testimony. Thanks for sharing! Upvoted and Resteemed

Always love your videos and information and insight

ALL major banks manipulate GOLD market and of course SILVER. The blame is on the people that believe in PAPER gold and silver otherwise the price would be real. So what do we do? BET AGAINST THE DEBT ;).

Greg, FYI I'm making money upvoting and resteeming your posts. Goes to show you only give advice that makes us $$ Theme song for tomorrow trading...


That song is okay, but I think this one is more fitting for the situation:


Way cool, definitely on point, I will have to upvote your reply and resteem it! Hope u don't mind.

Thanks so much for this. As always you make sense out of the nonsense, I very much appreciate your work.

You're calling it again. Thanks Greg.

I can't remember the last time someone went to jail for corruption but it needs to happen this time.

Should be an interesting summer for metals. If metals rise over the summer, that should be a tell tale sign something is up. Metals usually do poor over the summer.

Follow you on YouTube everyday. so happy to find you on Steemit.

I'm so happy you exist <3 LOL


We all are!

Greg, that was me that dumped the $4Billion in gold, I bought a bridge with the money!

His next job will either be with WaPo or the NYTimes.

GO TRUMP! our fearless leader has done it again! I am proud of my boy! Can I get an amen or an upvote? Keep stacking silver!

Someone took a dump and its not gold! Tell me they are poo-ing themselves.

Gold is just so heavy... it's just gravity...



good one, sky!

you are late today :-)

Keep stacking silver and crypto, become your own central bank!


I knew there would be nothing. The leaker to wikileaks was seth rich who was murdered not russia. Makes you question if thats one of the reasons hillary deleted those emails. Possible link .


I had a similar thought. Comey only admitted to being the leaker to cover up the Seth Rich murder which was gaining momentum. They never admit their crimes , even when caught red handed. The only thing they gain is to bury the Seth Rich murder questions.

Good as always. How long do you think they can manipulate the prices of gold and silver down. Is there a point of time or an event when they lose control? Stacking gold and silver is fine, but sometimes it can be frustrating.

200th upvote on this post for you Brother Greg! You are R.O.C.K.I.N. it here! It certainly was a curious day.....let's see if the plunge protection team kicks it in for T.G.I.F. . . .

Thanks again greg for a very informative video. I guess nothing really change with regards to manipulation and disinformation just to hide the truth. Lots of diversity going on. I guess this is where you and others like you come in to warn people like us. Kudos to for looking at our back.

All this truth coming out is great, even if nobody goes to jail yet, the leftist house of cards is coming down !

We have to keep identifying the paper manipulation and educating those who don't understand this. Sooner or later we'll reach the "hundredth monkey" point when the gov cannot continue to ignore the illegality -- thanks for IDing the gold dump.

May won't be good for May - there won't be 'no Tory majority', so GBP will sink.

Stacking! Seems like a lot a lot more more government dirtbags need to go to jail!

USD Index will test 97.30 and if it go up, then dollar will test 97.52 - if it fail, then go down. Moreover, now in the game is FED meeting, which are supporting USD.

Awesome post my friend and a great video! DR

Lock him up. Thanks Greg!

Best advice ever stack stack stack people.... The day of reckoning will come I can taste it!!

Thanks Greg

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Don't forget you promised (yesterday) that oil was going UP (not just stabilize) because of a false flag or other geopolitical event.

Thanx... up-voted and re-steemed

That was a harsh dump! What a load of manipulation in the Fiat world. The beauty of cryptos is that you don't deal with these bastards and make more money. It's sickening.

Comey ....He'll get a BOOK Deal.