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In the video below, I cover very specific action that is occurring right now in the bond market and it is something that we absolutely must pay attention to.
The facts are simple, we are moving ever closer to an economic meltdown unlike anything that we have seen before.
Do not miss this one!

Gregory Mannarino
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Hey guys! Pay attention to this post!

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so after printing money for years, it's finally catching up to us.

Seems that way .

HAHAHA perfect broski! But what Ole' Yellen needs is to STFU and sit the f*** down already, and quit devaluing our currency for her masters... lol

Thats was very well said my friend. Lol

I concur! lol

lol haha

I need more shiny metal also!!! :-)

Its on sale right now.

My next delivery should arrive tomorrow... :-)

Greg as you always say watch the debt market.

You just made more for one vote on a reply than I made for an entire post...lol...

That's how it is. I had a post making $0 and one short comment to my post made $1.30. Nothing more to say.

I suppose one can make more leaving comments than making posts...

some people play it like that. Some do the resteeming.

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Thank you, i did it on this reply. And so, what does resteem accomplish?

Strange but true, lol

Thanks guys for teaching me how to Resteem. Just started playing around on here.

The federal reserve is suppressing interest rates because rising them up will make the US go bankrupt - and this is what is happening now.
check this video of the dollar vigilante

invest your fiat money into cryptocurrencies

I think you are correct. Good idea to invest in Crypto. The new money of the world.

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Yields are dropping as the Fed just raised rates. CNBC and the other mainstream puppets reassure us "everything is going fine".
Over 90% of the people I meet and speak with either A) don't care, or B) don't understand, or C) don't BELIEVE me because they are ignorant and don't even do their own research, but something big is coming down the pike. I'm still betting on a triggering event this summer OR a major "correction" before December.

Black Friday? Crash?

in most cases, nothing is happening.

Everyone, please resteem and share. We need to help get Greg's message out.

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Finally! The canary in the coal mine! Thanks for the info Mr. M, appreciated as always! Picked up someBTC and Eth. the other day on its low through, believe it or not, coinbase.

History repeating itself. I guess we cannot learn from it so we repeat it. this is not going to be good. Trump may be our boy to take down the system and restructure it .

Oh gawd. Your posts give me a clue but also anxiety. Isn't there a saying "too much knowledge isn't always a good thing"

Hrmmm obviously better to know this then not. Thanks Greg

Things look so bad to me, I finally took the leap and bought some cryptocurrencies to add to my silver / gold stack. Let the chips fall where they may!

That's pretty much what I did. I bought $500 worth of Ethereum at $170 and another $500 worth at $340. My investment is currently worth about $1500.

It pays to get an upvote from you Gregory...
They pay better than an entire post of mine...lol...
Have a nice day...

The money presses are burning up!!!

always appreciate the heads up...

Yea China looks bad and that could have an impact on supply chain in certain parts of the economy. Also there are so many problems in the world. I agree that will likely invert probably before the end of the year. People should prepare.

Well they want to bring the economy down, that's why they are raising the rates.

Buckle up, turbulence predicted

A global economic storm is certain. Go to an inner room of your house and hide. Pretend this storm is an approaching tornado. Be prepared!

I've been watching your youtube videos for at least a year now.

I don't understand the yield curves. Is one variable the duration of the bond?

I have to disagree with one thing. The people who run the Federal Reserve aren't stupid. They're evil.

Dear Greg - I watch your videos quite a bit and thank you for providing your insights and good information publicly. I do have one criticism though; get to the point man! I think your videos could be 5 minutes including the self promotion bits which I totally support :) Have a great day and thank you again.

Thanks Greg,appreciate the info.

Finger on the pulse as always ! Thank you good sir Brother Greg @ marketreport ! www.traderschoice.net

Excellent video. This fed will destroy the Trump presidency to make its point that they rule the world.

But Greg you have already told us what "they" are going to do. Push interest rates down. Scare people. Fed then sells the "junk" on their balance sheet. Then "boom" every thing blows up and "hey presto" no more pension funds. The fed is perfectly in control - they are running the same play as 2007 - 2009. The only difference is the next "bunny" funded bailout will be via the IMF and ensure complete global subservience to the IMF and "them".

Very important info. Sharing. Thanks Greg.
Buying silver...

When this goes down, which it eventually will .. we need to ensure the people responsible, the media and the federal reserve all have their feet held to the flames. Many of us have seen this coming for years so why couldn't the powers that be? well they could and they have been lying to us all.

Greg, thanks for your wonderful information. I'm wanting to start trading options according to your stock picks, but I'm lost!! How do I get started?

You probably won't get a response unfortunately. However, if you follow me I have screencasts and info to help you get started in options trading safely, efficiently and economically suitable. I am a level 2 trader with TD Ameritrade. I have no need for Level 3 as I don't need to trade options on futures.
GL. Hope to see you following and truly learning :)

Be Well!


It's gonna be very interesting

I'm as prepared for SHTf as I'll ever be, but I'll never be ready !


This is No Man's Land!

When the bubble bursts we will wish for the Crash of the early 1929's.

Scary stuff, thank you for the warning. This sounds very bad. :(

Dynamic Yield Curve Animation~
Not sure link will work if not a Stockcharts member, but worth a try..


Although the curve and it's importance is not 100% clear to me, it's a link I will save for the future.
Thanx for posting.

I get it, what cryptos are best suited to weather this upcoming storm?

I think that the "BIG bank" is also stepped in the crypto market. Yesterday was fun - everybody was panicking but for me was just strange. BTC and ETH charts were identical. Like that big automated bot would trade the market. Here I have posted the picture

HOLD your CRYPTO do not be shaken out is is valuable. And have a HARD assets. $ and € now just a toilet paper!! DIVERSIFY and HEDGE the debt!

Great work Greg. Thankyou. Just like Ben Bernanke before Yellan has no clue.

Great video Greg

I love Gregory getting emotional! I guess it's his Italian Stallion Blood! Great video, dude - THNX!

Thank you, Greg! Resteemed and shared from YouTube to Facebook.

Wikipedia has good background info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yield_curve#Inverted_yield_curve
...and no, the future does not look promising.

Let us all, prepare accordingly.

Maybe... just maybe there will come a day when I will look at my stash of PM (too bad I can not see it as it sank) and at my crypto stash and not feel stupid. Maybe the "stupid" part will change into "cautious"? ;)

Thanks again for your informative warning Greg. I always believe in your insight.

What should the Average Joe with no savings (and no clue) actually DO now he is forewarned of his own imminent doom?

If you truly fear that the world is going to come to a screeching halt. Listening to this guy would be your first mistake. But I digress. Here is the deal. There is another metal that will be extremely valuable. It's packed with gun powder, and fits in the chamber of guns. No one really understands that rounds of ammo are going to become a form of currency. It's portable, and everyone will need some at some point or another.
I know that there are a lot of ppl talking about the "end times" and "civil war", like this clown that flagged a response that I had to his video. But stop and think for a minute. I am ex-military, had a security clearance, and did some work for Blue Force Tracking. (so I know what I am talking about) IMO :).
I was worried that Silver wasn't gonna get it, with Gold prices skyrocketing and Silver Gold ratio not so good in 08 and 11. So I thought... What would I need the most when or after my rations run out? Well easily enough, I decided food and water. But then I thought how would I protect my family in extreme cases. I would need rounds of ammo.
Ammunition will become a form of currency through barter. Not only for hunting, but protection from animals, and humans alike. Ever wonder why the cost of ammo has skyrocketed since Obama was elected? Yes weapons went up but ammo was ridiculous in comparison. So to answer your question, ammo. Now which kind of ammo? Well, that depends on many things that I don't have the time to get into here, but I would need CQB ammo. namely 12 ga buck shot, hand gun, rounds i.e. (9mm, .45, .380, .40, etc) Then you have hunting long gun rounds.

Create a network whether on line or FTF so that you have a circle. An impenetrable circle that you trust. Reach out to friends that are ex military and hunters etc. They can help guide you. Now do I think that you will need this ANYTIME SOON? Nope. But is it good to have? Yep. Training for things that may happen is what we did all the time in the ARMY. But the way this knucklehead talks about it is irresponsible, irrational, and dangerous.
You sir have time. I don't know how much TBH but don't let nonsense like this fill your head with fear to a point where you cannot think rationally. This guy is dangerous be careful who you listen to and take seriously.

Be Well, and feel free to reach out to me with questions :)


Yes, Greg you're correct. No fear mongering. Countdown to inversion.

Thanks Greg.

Is still freaking awesome to see Greg on Steemit and into the Crypto space. Glad they finally got rid of the ridiculous thing where you had sign up with Facebook or Reddit in the beginning.

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thank you greg for alerting us to the true situation relating to the yield curve. I have no doubt whatsoever you are spot on, and I appreciate it enormously.

Great video, real estate is a scam. Brokers only make you broker. Never trust the media.

Do you think the deception behind Heliocentrism will have an effect on any upcoming crashes? Thank you for the vital insight!

Nothing new here, we have been hearing this for years now, the question is , when? This is a setup on Trump, Soros is setting him up to take the blame, to setup another "Arib Spring" uprising and then come in to provide a solution, The Shock Doctrine.

Every day these distortions get worse, and that certainly is new. The action in the bond market is also getting more profound, so that is new.
It is only not new if you are not paying attention.

a good report

Once again... thanks Greg. Unfortunately for all of us, I agree with your assessment. People just don't want to appreciate reality... which is bound to have tragic consequences for them - and all of us. Payin' it forward is the best we can do.

thanks for sharing
Ok my friends

I believe your correct for the simple reason that your hearing more and many renabout this inverted yield curve, and I am hearing a LOT of red flag reports.

I think we are headed for market mouth song . The bond yield curve is getting way to flat

Thanks for your analysis... The FED is only concern about making money for the banks and not the common people. It has been and always will be but hopefully that will end soon with the death of fiat currency.

Thanks for sharing

Great video. We are getting closer and closer to meltdown. Resteemed.