(VIDEO) Alert: Bond Market Turmoil Is Now Punishing The Stock Market. MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

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My friends, in the video below I cover at length the driving force behind today's stock market selloff.

Today, hawkish sounding central banks have rattled the bond market, forcing global bond yields and the Euro higher.
This dynamic is also putting more pressure on the US dollar.
Today's action in the bond market is something I have been warning about for years, and here right before our eyes we are watching it play out in real time.
Do not miss this video!

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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We love you Greg, but what were you thinking when you bought paper? I'm sure at least 80% of your loyal followers were all a gasp. I'm sorry you took losses but truthfully, you knew better. After all, you are one of the ones that taught many of us to STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING YOU CAN'T HOLD! Great post as always.

I was trading the derivative, not holding it.

Good update Gregory!

USD is under pressure. I don't see this trend changing. Also some ECB statements last week inflicted the market. Central Banks options are outdated and they will be in panic the upcomming correction.

The winter (bearish) is coming. :)

Right now it doesn't matter what the USD does. When it rises, gold goes down. When it falls, so does gold. As far as currencies go, all of them are just rebalancing themselves on a see saw. The PM manipulation is a separate matter from currencies.

@marketreport do you have a guesstimate as to when the markets will have their melt down? I was thinking late fall to early next year the truth bombs will hit and the plunge should come. I just don't see QE4 "saving" us.


QE4 won't save us, but that never stopped them before. lol

That depends on how u personally define a 'meltdown'. Cos the laws of nature don't say anywhere it has to happen in a instant with a 50% drop. It could even be a single point drop for the next 10 years.

Bring on the collapse of these fake assets.

The reset is looming!!!

Actually u have such a button on your computer. Pressing it will reset everything instantly.

done. now that's a reset u can control and predict.

LOL.... you got a point.... but I'm either lazy or a procrastinator.... maybe both

Banks in Europe are collapsing by the day. How much can this fake economy last?

Well there are many banks in Europe and there are many days ahead.

Thank you for this post! Great video! Thank you for your advice ! Keep sharing information! Now I follow you! Upvote! Resteem! I hope you gonna post more posts like this! I wish you all the best! :)

Dollar up = gold down
Dollar flat = gold down
Dollar down = gold down
Dollar plummets = gold down

They've found a way to manipulate gold with algos taking signals off the USD/JPY currency pair, but even that failed to work inversely today when the yen rallied but gold still went down.

Central banks number 1 mission is to keep the illusion of 'everything is fine' with their fiat currencies hence PM's must be kept in check at all costs.

I also find it very very telling that the cryptos get under pressure at the same time as PM's. I think the central banks are rigging those the best they can (by being buyers and then large sellers when they want. After all, they have unlimited fiat currency to buy the cryptos, so it makes no difference to them to suffer 'trading losses' on the cryptos)

Well that's my opinion anyway


Let's all go all in and short gold! Seriously, what could go wrong? If u had done that for the past 7 years u would be more right than wrong. And it seems right-er now!

SSSh i hate buying silver at less than it takes to mine it, id rather pay 100-200 £ an ounce ;-)

Haha nice one

Gold backwardation, Karen Hudes talked about that.

Thanks for the update Greg.
In the long run I do not see the Dollar going up in the long run. All the Fed does is create debt and more debt. This can not last forever. As you always say you do not know when this will happen but it will happen. Fiat money to zero but when. I am not a trader and will wait with silver and gold.

Meanwhile lets play cards for the next 7 years.

Since gold no longer responds to currency changes, why not do a video on how to trade USD, EUR, JPY and whatever works?

Great update Gregory!

Bond market is Going to Explode!

People are talking of QE again? Got some news for ya', QE never stopped. They just stopped announcing it and talking of it. It's been going on 24/7, day in and out since it began IMO.

Thank you for Sharing

Thanks Greg. Betterdaysahead.😀

That was excellent my friend

good job Greg. I have my gold and silver but I also have a small abount of crypto currencies. I find cryptos difficult but with perseverance it is possible to learn them. still working on it I' will get it.

nice work Gregory

Thanks Greg. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you Greg...I am not a trader, but you are one of the very few people I listen to about financial stuff. I fall more into the prepper group, and what you share is invaluable.

Hi Greg,
Many many, many many, years ago I traded MBS's. I am not sure you have the bond thing right. When interest rates rise, the existing bond portfolio can only be sold at a discount because current and future book has a higher yield. The converse, when interest rates fall, the existing past book can sell at a premium, provided it has a performance history (not including sub-prime).

It is my understanding, that since around 2008-2009, the Fed has been buying most of the MBS market, since no one else, of right mind would buy one. It is a "Catch 22"; when the Fed raises interest rates, it is discounting its own book of MBS; the more rates rise, the low the price of existing MBS.

I would be more than happy to discuss this with you in greater detail, off post. On a side note - everything at this point is manipulated, especially metals.

Personally, I am not a fan of cryptos, not that some people have made "bookoo bucks". The five characteristics of money are the following, cryptos only possess one ( all things are relative to each other):

1.) Stable in Value
2.) Generally Accepted
3.) Durable
4.) Divisible
5.) Portable

good update, thanks for sharing

Right now we are in an all time volatile situation. With the mass exposure of the Russia "Nothing burger", the powers that control the left are truly running out of moves. They have lost at seemingly every place, even with Ossoff. They are literally being steam rolled out of power/influence/credibility. They still have a hold on the financial sector, they will attempt to use this as a weapon. So I predict that we might see something happen. But of course, just like everything else, it will backfire, and we will win.

Upvoted and liked on Youtube. Excellent analysis.

Nice post man! You re a real businessman

Sup Steemers! Here's my 2 cents: USD under pressure because of the FED. As for gold, I think it is a question of seasonality. June and January are known to be the weakest months for gold. It might turn around in July-August. Oh and Greg, I don't want to throw rocks at you because I really respect you and appreciate everything you do for all of us. But, you often say that the USD and gold are not correlated and that is the maintsream trying to get that in our head. Why changing of perspective now?

Actually, just the normal course of things in a longer term uptrend for the dollar. Dollar about to be a buy here as early as today actually.

Great post to me
thank you , Greg

HOW can the markets be punished ( ever ) when some 95+/- % of the trades are all manipulation algo trading by the big boys in bed with the Fed ?

I don't think I am missing something here.

If we had a true, non algo organic trading platform sure,
but when computers are controlling the buying and selling
in a mico second basis, how does the market drop so much...

... unless that is what they want to happen for their own benefit.

And maybe all I'm trying to say is,
-if you are one of the 5+/-% still on the DOW or S&P500...

... Why ?

Buy Gold or silver physical and take possession, Get into Crypto,
But really, if your not a Gregory Mannarino playing the Market, but you
are a buy and hold stock investor, Why ?

IMO the DOW and the others are yesterday's Legacy class platform,
Blockchain is the future and Steemit is a great place to start, and learn.


Computers don't have minds. They only do what they are told to do. Yes, it is the computers that are making the mistakes of gross missallocation of funds. But as long as the computers are programmed by people. HUGE mistakes will continue to be made. The blockchain will survive and prosper btw. Bitcoin will get absolutely crushed tho. And the rest of the cryptos will follow the quick path lower. Looks like the stock market and cryptos will crash out together. That's teh way it is setting up anyway. Makes perfect sense too. Silly Con Valley, Cali is the epicenter of the current bubble in stock prices. When it collapses so will the funding behind bitcoin.

Well my college education is in programming, so I get it. But I wasn't really talking about robots so much as the computer inside them. And I was trying to say the skillset given to them is more effective, more alerting, and more responsive than we can be ( 24/7 ).

The day AI realizes we're who is screwing up the planet and our societies, we become the target.

Secondly, I disagree with you about cryptos failing at the same time as cash & credit, and I submit that 90%+ of them will, but a handful will be the new solution to the crisis. Our new money.

The Fed may introduce their own version, but block-chain is the future, it's the old legacy system that is dying.

And if you still think the crypto will end along with cash, buy Silver.

Believe me when I say I personally want to build up some crypto because I believe in it, but as a contingency plan I already have over 2700 ounces of Ag.

But as of right now, if you wanted to cash out of your cryptos you would transfer into either the U.S. dollar or some other "fiat" currency as the misguided core of crypto pumpers like the poster boy for the bitcoin bubble, Jeff Berwick (Dollar Vigilante), guides. Face it, if you want out you convert to dollars, or yen, or yuan, or, euros. That's the way it'll be until all of the "fiat" currencies collapse. I'll just wait until there is only the dollar vs whatever the other remaining fiat currency is left to compete with bitcoin. Since I believe the dollar would be the very last surviving fiat as they all move towards Dollar Virgil's "fiat collapse," I'll make my very first bitcoin buy no sooner than 1 day after the other fiat left still standing besides the dollar collapses. I certainly want to be there for the 1000% 1 day gain in the dollar when the other remaining currency drops. I suppose you think ALL fiat currencies are going to collapse on the exact same day at the exact same second of the day...right? :-)

" I suppose you think ALL fiat currencies are going to collapse on the exact same day at the exact same second of the day...right? :-) "

  • I don't think I've ever said anything like that in any post ever, so I gotta go.

but FYI, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if we see something economically happen by end of September when Fed runs out of budget, and can't raise the debt ceiling any more by law.

And at that time I'll be grateful if i owned some crypto, but if you want to buy any of my silver yo better bring some real estate, a car or something of real ( deflated ) value, because I won't be accepting Dollars.

I'm sure it's not lost on you that the Louisiana Purchase was handled in Gold. But whatever.


Oh, I didn't say you said that. I just said it is more likely that they won't all collapse on the very same second of the very same day. Imo all the fiats will survive. They will just all get crushed as the world runs to the "safety" of the U.S. dollar and U.S. treasury debt, just like in 2008. Not sure if you realize it but 1 year treasuries were being bought at a negative interest rate during the height of the 2008 meltdown. The same thing will happen again this time. Gold is like everything else, a depreciating asset during a deflationary environment. A gallon of gas is already below 2.20 here where I am. By Sept it will more likely be below 1.50. I figger gold will be below $1000/oz. Silver? ehhh, somewhere belowst $10/oz I imagine as it is also a metal with industrial uses.

have you ever hear of Venezuela. They are already in the poop, their bolivar has collapsed, there 1 ounce of Gold will buy you a HOUSE, there 1 ounce of Silver will buy you multiple months of food.

Look at the price of Silver there: 166.27 per ounce...

Please don't preach to me about 10 Silver or whatever. I already know better.


I don't consider Venezuela's currency a "reserve" currency. Nor do I consider Russia's currency a reserve currency. Both are too reliant on one asset >>> oil. And oil is priced in dollars. Thus Venezuela's problems. I'm not preaching either. I'm giving you my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

Also, I wouldn't even consider buying gold or silver as a long term hold going into a deflationary environment like the fast approaching the U.S. I trade the deadcat bounces. I outline those trades at my blog. Currently short SLV until next fri and long GDX until 7/21. Longer term both silver and gold move looower. ALOT lower too.

That's great Joe. But here is the problem from my prospective with playing the markets.

I've bought silver hundreds of times. Literally. I'm not a day trader and I don't have a crystal ball, sometimes I get lucky and buy the dip ( dollar cost averaging ) sometimes I buy AND THEN it dips as if it were just waiting on me to spend my money. Shit...

And let me tell you what I've learned.

If you think you are going to jump in and buy your gold or silver in the 11:57 hour before the collapse you are wrong. It's not just a supply and demand issue, and it's not just a delivery issue as services are in limbo, the real problem is where you going to get 50k in liquid cash to buy the silver and how do you know you'll receive several days in to the collapse. Because you won't.

  • It's called dollar cost averaging and it's the only method for commoners like myself. You buy 100+ USD at a time and you get free shipping for generic Ag rounds. There is no better method IMO...

PEACE my Brother.

No problem, Roger. I understand your perspective totally and a long term holder should in fact employ a dollar cost ave program. I just started spewing about how the dollar is setting up here for a great initial buy point in a dollar cost averaging program over time. I will post that trade at my blog when I make the trade in teh options personally. I saw your intro post btw. I see that you want to build a home out of shipping containers. I'm wroking on getting some free shipping containers from this company in bankruptcy by placing "strategic" buys at every point where it looks like a rally may come from. DRYShits getting close now to another buy for me. :-)

Just waiting for today's 1.46 low to get taken out and my short term buy signal to materialize. If it rocketships higher...I win! If it goes belly up...I win! :-)


Crazy times indeed.

Marvelous video market update! I admire your persistence and strength to warn people for years about what is finally starting to take place in the markets. Love your slogan "Be your own central bank"!

2017 market moves are almost impossible to predict or explain.

Hi Greg, I think you are right about the yield curve. Unless the Fed want to collapse the entire banking system they are forced to normalize it, there is no other option for them.

Upvoted ya, thanks for your info!))

yes absolute control over the metals market there is no doubt manipulation. But there is alway an opportunity now more today than ever with the invention of bitcoins and all things related. Im sure its a thorn in the side. As far as pressure on the bond market i see it continuing. Getting money out of anyone today is getting harder and harder.

I'm reading those tea leaves and hedging against the dollar at every turn.

Very good Analysis

Locally in the US states are having their own issues - Illinois' budget crisis could force schools, state offices, social services, etc. to shut down if they don't resolve by this Friday! Not to mention Illinois' pension problems. Washington State and Maine are right behind.... rocky times ahead people, buckle up

We'll see what happens to the stock market at 3:30pm today when the PPT kicks into action.

I'm a HUGE fan!! Thanks for all of the amazing advice but more importantly for teaching hungry lions!!!

Doesn't this fill you with rage? Central "piggy" bank giving the store away?


Crypto is where to be, thanks for sharing

Interesting, I'm catching up on older videos and the dollar is still getting hammered, two weeks later. So is silver. I thought they were opposites. Go figure.

Awesome content as expected, thanks for sharing your wisdom Greg, I think we all appreciate what you do for us. Thanks again

Upvoted and re-steemed.
I agree as far as the metals go, right now, people should be trying to get a little of each if possible.
The more I read about crypto and how you can still use it even with a power outage, the more I'm believing in it.
Don't get me wrong I'm still Big supporter for Silver, so undervalued. But some people do make a great point that it's not that easy to move around if one had to, gold would be more preferable, basically I think the best thing is to try to have a little of each and keep adding if and when possible. 19.00 for an eagle or 20.00 towards bitcoin or litecoin or whatever, it's still a start.

Yes, let's keep an eye on what going on. Thanks Greg.

Dominoes are about to fall. Manipulation continues. What else is there new.

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Dear Gregory, I am really curious about VXX Volatility Index and what do you think about it. I know it is manipulated, but in your opinion it is going to move higher?

I thought the rally for banks stocks and the crushing effect on other stocks was directly due to the Federal Reserve giving the U.S. banks the green light for buybacks and dividends. In short, a license to get over on the rest of us. The banks will rally going forward. What did you think about that?

Crypto actually held up pretty well considering all the fakery and abuse, ether took a big tumble though.

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