TRADERS: This Week Watch The Energy Sector. By Gregory Mannarino

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Traders we all know these 3 Precepts:

  1. Be First,
  2. Be Smarter,
  3. Or Cheat.
    Well since we do not cheat, we have to rely in the first two of these... This week keep your eye on XLE.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

Everything you need to RIP THIS MARKETS FACE OFF in one place... My website:


the dollar not looking good

But I think dollar good in future

lol naa its dieing

a slow death?!

You don't know maybe next time everything change :)

There will be no dollar soon

Great trader. DQmcgYZqxDjKkDyMridZseqiPqc6AjjRrbBLp1TuvraEEqr.gif

My cycle analysis is showing that the dollar will be getting weaker later this year. However, the dollar is due for a bounce to start a new daily and intermediate cycle right around the corner.

I've only been educating myself about finance recently, but I know price of everything has gone up and up and up. I thought people are getting greedier, but now I realize our money is just beginning worthless...

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Seems like it's due for a bounce though :)

Gregory, Upvoted and Resteemed. Differently some cheating going on.

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Have a nice post I have a question to you that would explain a slow down on the dollar? @marketreport

greet video sir @ robin hood

Great job my friend

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wow you get really helpful knowledge which is required to be a great traders keep it up @marketreport like you post always

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greg sir your work is good sir to give us daily new newses

Haha great idea for traders, among them cheat is the best idea really nice.

wow really a great preception and very true im totally agree you @marketreport

marketreport sir thanx share this update really helpfull for me @resteemd

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Great post..Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the info gonna learn many new and important things following you.wanna”be smart “ so follows you.keep up updating us. We’ll always follow you.

Great post..Loved your invest on money,stocks,trading,and i can get many information from your post..Glad to seeit from you..@marketreport

The dollar is shaking!
You predicted this exactly 👍
Thank u Greg for doing what u do!
The Robin Hood Of wallstreet Greg is indeed! Keep up the great work!


glade to see yoy dear! we must rely on intelligence and analysis to reach our goals

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It's very useful video my friend.
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great post @marketreport ..surely we will rely on first two options

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squeeze on 30 minute chart

Looks like the dollar is getting a dead cat bounce.

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Thank you for the advice , energy sector is a must have in the portfolio ! Followed you , looking for future updates from you !


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Why? I heard oil should come down as rigs come online.

Great advise!

niceWell since we do not cheat, we have to rely in the first two of these... This week keep your eye on XLE.
Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of W

Wow ,thanks for your information..

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
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yaah usefull information!
Be First,
Be Smarter
the two rules best for the succes and also follow it and will implement!
you always help other and give us valuable suggestion!

sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear friend... Actualy....I'm always respect to your works

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Should be an interesting week. I'm really curious to see how fast the dow climbs to 27k and how fast the 10yr rises!

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