Tips On How To Use My NEW Charting System. 1,2,3, BOOM! By Gregory Mannarino

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I have introduced a new 100% FREE very powerful charting system and placed it right on my website for anyone to use.

We will use a 3 step process to place trades.
Let's call this the 1,2,3, BOOM system... Could NOT be simpler.

Below is ticker GLD.
Note the chart pattern, and that which I have numbered 1, 2, and 3. This would be a good buy signal.

Below is ticker QQQ.
Here we are getting a 1,2,3, sell signal.

You can use this 1,2,3, BOOM system on ANY stock symbol... Just put a symbol into my charting system and follow the 1,2,3, BOOM process...

NOW! Back to My Website...Click HERE:

NOTE: the 1,2,3,BOOM! System is not an intra-day trading system. IF you are interested in "intra-day" trading, learn my QUANT System. Click HERE:

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Thanks again, Gregory. I look forward to your information.

Greg, this looks very interesting. Can I write about it in my blog for Japanese traders? I want to get a permission from you.


Thank you, Greg !!

very cool! Thank you!

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Greg, Thanks again for all you do. Can I reproduce on my TOS charts? Would appreciate it very much if you shared your chart settings. How long would you stay in these signals if you went long DIS or Short GLD? My assumption is ATM or OTM Calls or Puts are best for entries. Thanks a million, George [email protected]