This Is A BIG Week For The Markets, Here's Why. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I agree with you Gregory, FED will most likely raise rates this week.


It's so hard to know where to keep our money these days, even crypto is is not safe any more :(

I completely agree. The fed should raise by 50 bps if they feel the economy and jobs are so strong. The 25 bps hike is a good call by you, I'll bet they will do it. The short end is going higher and higher, while the long end is staying relatively flat. Yes, in the Texas real estate markets I'm seeing so many houses soar in price but nobody is buying - seller's market.

Good to see you getting onboard after a tired weekend. You have amazing persistence and perseverance!

Yes, gold and bitcoin down temporarily. It's set to rebound. The temporary search into Coinbase will "delay the bull market by no more than 30 days" according to John McAfee. He predicts 15k Bitcoin by end of July!


I Agree with what you said about the fed hike,

Mcafee is famous for being generally insane & wanting to eat his own dick. I’ll bet u a sausage dinner Bitcoin is nowhere near 15k in 50 days

Thanks again, Gregory. Raising interest rate is usually lowers Precious Metals prices. Precious Metals still on sale.

Hello sir, good to see you once again.I always wait for your valueable posts.Thanks for the update sir.

I hope so , thank you so much for sharing

It should be a most interesting week and month with the G7 and the NK meetings and how they might affect the market. Curious as to whether this NK summit is a feint for a real war elsewhere.
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Thanks. Once again, your Fed prediction seems right on.

Thank you for sharing @marketreport

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Definitely - I agree 110% with your video. Huge week and big month.

Thanks for your great incite Greg keep up the good fight.
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The stock market is fake. No Federal Reserve.

LQQKs like silver will bottom back down to the low $16's - surprise surprise! Thank you good sir Greg, for your tireless efforts to inform us even when you aren't feeling well. My upvote and resteem, rest Up & feel better soon!

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Thanx for the update