Stocks: Tech Under Fire On Facebook Data Issue PLUS Important Updates. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Yes a nice little boost for the crypto currency’s, cheers mike

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Facebook sink almost 6%. It does not matter. What matters is Wednesday.

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Is this what was going to happen to facebook...fb already have to keep scrolling shit....
Selling information of 2.2 billion people this what fb assures security all about...

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Yeah, I am not touching tech or any of the stock markets at the moment. I watched the cryptos all weekend and was hoping to jump in them some.... but now they are turning back up...which is great...I was just hoping for a lower low buy in!
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It's the Chinese selling off their holdings.

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the market really sucks right now, well said that it's better to sit back relax and watch the show, don't do anything as it may result in losses...
one more thing as the market is down we can invest and buy some steempower as well that's also an option...

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Thanks for the update. I bailed on FB and IBM on Friday because I didn't like the way things were looking. Live and learn.
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I tried your link, and my graphics nearly sh*t itself, man that's a lot of live charts lol.

You might want to take that off the front page so it's optional whether visitors see it or not. Like your videos though, nice to see an honest perspective amongst all the charlatans and blaggers.

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Facebook, what a joke. The future is in our hands. Great day everyone.

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