Stocks: New Intra-day Records. Steem Rips Even Higher! Waiting On The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Thanks to you Greg, I joined steemit and am reeping the rewards for this amazing platform! Thank you Greg and as you always say, I will do my best to pay it forward. Thanks again. have a good nose. When did you start with steemit? 6 months ago. Please tell Greg Hunter again to join steemit. I need more Top Dogs like you to upvote.

Is Steam in the Rising Order? @mafsteem

@slayer10...Trough Greg Mannarino I realized Steemit could be very interesting. So I bought Steem 3 weeks ago for 2.95$ and 3.50$. Now it is above 8$. It is explosive. I would wait now for a pullback. Maybe to 5 or 6$. Then I would buy very quick. The potential is still huge.

do you think Steem will fall again?? So we need to wait for investment

@aquia10...i wouldn't buy now. Steem soard from 2.2$ beyond 8$. There will be a pullback. Maybe from 8 to 5$. But maybe from 12$ to 7$. I would wait for this pullback.

Thanks for information..I will consider your views on investing

The amount is not much like bitcoin. Yes everyone is aware of it. but the rate you raise is around 300%. It's a wonderful thing @mafsteem

I'm also waiting for pullback..i have half bitcoin that ..i want to invest in steem.. but it is increasing day by day

I love Greg Hunter's interviews with Greg Mannarino. Check out a recent one a few months back.

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2018 is gonna be great for Steem and BTC..Hopefully steemit.
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Just woke up and saw this post, Wow the price is flying now!
2018 is gonna be huge for Steem and BTC..Hopefully steemit.

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Great post Gregory and as always much appreciated! For you and my fellow followers if your wondering why your steem wallets aren't priced right with the rise in steem it's because there's a lag in the correction process. I have however run across SteemSupply by @dragosroua that does show the value of your wallet in real time among lots of other info. It's very kool! Go check it out and give the man credit for such an awesome site. If you like this upvote my post I'd love to make a lil' pocket change today...........

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Gregory, thank you for being a lighthouse of truth against the mainstream sea of nonsense.

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Yeah I strongly agree with you Greg . Why even bother with Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube . They are WORTHLESS❗️👏👍👊🏻❗️

Looking good, Greg. The steemit call was a good one, too.

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Steem now $8.32.

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Hi! First of all thank you for sharing valueable info with us! Greg in this market environment how low vix can go?

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Hi Greg thank you for what you do, really apreciate it.
Question to all... what do you think of the WTI rally, it seems to have broken out above its upward channel. Has the time for commodities come again?

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Steem has been a fantastic way to make your own money and it has been fun to watch my account grow the past month as the price of steem has risen rapidly. Thanks for your analysis and videos.

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Thanks Greg. What about gold?

How do you keep everything straight Creg? Some times I listen to you and nothing makes sense or the markets go opposites.

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