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RE: Stocks: New Intra-day Records. Steem Rips Even Higher! Waiting On The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino

in #money3 years ago have a good nose. When did you start with steemit? 6 months ago. Please tell Greg Hunter again to join steemit. I need more Top Dogs like you to upvote.


Is Steam in the Rising Order? @mafsteem

@slayer10...Trough Greg Mannarino I realized Steemit could be very interesting. So I bought Steem 3 weeks ago for 2.95$ and 3.50$. Now it is above 8$. It is explosive. I would wait now for a pullback. Maybe to 5 or 6$. Then I would buy very quick. The potential is still huge.

do you think Steem will fall again?? So we need to wait for investment

@aquia10...i wouldn't buy now. Steem soard from 2.2$ beyond 8$. There will be a pullback. Maybe from 8 to 5$. But maybe from 12$ to 7$. I would wait for this pullback.

Thanks for information..I will consider your views on investing

The amount is not much like bitcoin. Yes everyone is aware of it. but the rate you raise is around 300%. It's a wonderful thing @mafsteem

I'm also waiting for pullback..i have half bitcoin that ..i want to invest in steem.. but it is increasing day by day

I love Greg Hunter's interviews with Greg Mannarino. Check out a recent one a few months back.

you are the master!
Just woke happening and saw this appendix, Wow the price is uphill now!
2018 is gonna be great for Steem and BTC..Hopefully steemit.
boss @marketreport ..

upvoted and resteem

Steemit is very good place where we can investment for large scale of profit

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