Stock Market: The Week Ahead May Prove To Be A Pivotal One, Here's Why. By Gregory Mannarino

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In my opinion the Federal Reserve has lost control of the debt market.

What this means to me is we can expect the current rally in bonds to continue. What this also means is stocks are fast reaching a pivotal moment-do they continue to rally along with bonds? Or do they diverge/begin to sell off...

This week several Fed. members will speak, and the markets will move on every word which comes out of their mouths.
The fact that markets are so fixated on Fed. speak says a lot, wouldn't you say?

The markets are 90+% Fed. driven and that is not good. In the days of the free market, it was fundamentals, earnings, and real economic reports which dictated the price action/price discovery of assets. But being that The Fed. has decided to manage the markets by hyper-inflating debt, nothing is real, and there is no longer a free market.

The coming week, in my opinion, has the potential to set the tone for the next several months of market action, and Fed. speakers will be the guiding force.

The continued tech selloff is concerning.
Tech has been the driver for stocks for the last several months, (something which I said would happen and it did), and although a rotation back into tech is certainly possible, the longer it takes for a "rebound" the more skeptical I become.
Moreover, if you recall, in the week prior we had a Friday stock market selloff which was followed by a Monday selloff. This Friday/Monday selloff is unusual (I even did wrote an article and posted a video in which I talked about how this Friday/Monday dynamic is not good). That Friday/Monday selloff dynamic which took place may just be telling us that the next few months may not be not so good for stocks.

What needs to happen.
This week is important status post the Fed. hiking rates, and several things need to happen.

In order for stocks to make a meaningful move higher, we need to see a rotation back into tech, and we need to see less cash move into bonds as well.
We also need to see crude oil and the US dollar stabilize.

What we do not want to see.

We do not want to hear more "Hawkish" speak from The Fed.
We do not want to see the 10yr yield drop.
We do not want to see more US dollar weakness.
We do not want to see crude oil continue to slide.

Check out this interview I just did with "The Maestro." Click here:

Gregory Mannarino
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I love this Greg, ".... basically taking away the very soul of what the market does and that is determine fair value. No asset behind it has a price discovering mechanism behind it that is real." Through the Feds "should be" illegal action they have created this unreal, unstable beast that is ready to fall. Thank you Greg for continuing to produce quality content, rich in truth! Thank you sir!

Your logic is always spot on Greg. The Fed is controlling everything. I still can't wrap my mind around central banks buying equities and people aren't screaming from the roof tops. Print money out of thin air and then buy assets with it. That's the greatest con in history.

I gree people are walking around like zombies.

Thanks for the timely update Greg! Wow, 90+% Fed driven... Craaaaaaazy.

Will be tuned in for sure next week. For now, enjoying some awesome weather here in the Netherlands! 💥

They should call one of those debt consolidation companies, and get all their debts put into 1 monthly managable debt. $100 a month for the next 3 million years.

Thank you...

Greg- I Resteemed and voted up my friend. You are the one I listen too. Thanks for all of your input, experience, and knowledge. Take Care.

Great post. I think for stocks to move higher, it is necessary that oil also move higher. Now i will go and watch the interview :)

Super interview, one of the best, i don't know what Harry Dent talking about, he's predicting deflation, but when all other assets pop, everybody will RUN into the "safe heaven".

It's scary when the Federal Reserve starts dictating market movements. And having individual Fed members give talks drives me crazy....they all contradict each other.

Thank you Greg, your lions are ready

Hello All, I recently replied with factual information to this post which was immediately down voted by the author simply because I had a point of view which he did not like. It was a respectful post but it did question the authors motives. If you are the real deal, then you will allow this comment and the previous one I posted. Trying to silence a respectful reply is just what the main stream media does.

Greg all that i an say is that you are right on the money


very good points

folk have been saying this for years and lost shedloads backing against it..unless u can offer a trade...just sounds like belly-aching

Very good points....Thank you.

Thanks Greg & Happy Father's day!

I'm so against the Federal Reserve...
You're already aware of that, I'm sure...

You are right to be against the FED. What they are doing is pure criminal act.

All i'm waiting for is that a few more do as Kyle Bass,
Then the floodgates will open up and PM will get its TRUE price.

Up voted and resteemed!!!


Must have gotten you up early, first time i see no tie and in a t-shirt no less!
Still love the updates, and the "when" is coming soon.
I'm already seeing the housing market beginning to crumbling, worlds biggest pump and dump scam, as the feds and banks pump up the housing bubble, people taking out equity loans because of the rise in housing prices, then they will let it collapse as the feds dump their balance sheet and all the bad loans they bought, and lets not forget the Manipulation and crushing of Silver and Gold.. I personally say get your almost free Silver now.

thanks Greg, we need to keep our eyes peeled, markets are becoming increasingly more unstable

The fed rolling back the "assets" is a bit scary... will introduce volatility I think... but also at the same time... other central banks are full steam ahead with their printing and buying up markets... it might offset some of the fed here in the short term.... but we all know where this is headed.

Thanks for the update and Great interview with the maestro

Well I'm jealous, your miestro got to interview yourself.

So Greg what will happen if lets say that 3 out of the four here that you outlined happens??

We do not want to hear more "Hawkish" speak from The Fed.
We do not want to see the 10yr yield drop.
We do not want to see more US dollar weakness.
We do not want to see crude oil continue to slide.

What happens then??
Scary financial days we're living in.
Thanks for your updates and all you do.

Spot on as always Greg. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks Greg! You always tell it as you see it .

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for your insight Greg. Lots of us depend on you.

Hey from Motivation. I am also looking closely to see how this will effect the Crypto market as well. There was a bit of a shakiness lately when tech stocks were down. Need to see more of this to even see a correlation.

i have been buying out of the money calls 4 months out waiting for the breakout to occur in silver. usually about $60 worth.

Thank you sir Greg for the Sunday best update @marketreport ! Excellent interview as always. Will keep a close eyeball on market and Fed-speak this week !

Thanks Greg, Feds are too powerful. Time for change

just want to say thank you...for dedicating your time and effort to keep us inform with the latest trending in the market.

thanks so much for the video and post, love hearing about the fed, they will pay for all the corruption they are doing.

Thanks Greg.

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Greg I have a question for you or anyone with good advise. I have a ira and roth ira if more like when the markets take a dump what do I do take the loss and pull my money or just leave it in there? the company I use to work for had a 401 program and use to match me then I lost that job and had to change to a personal ira program. any advise would be appreciated guys and greg thanks for all your insites

Greg, Have you looked at the sites offering trading in bitcoin to buy into different stocks and they allow you to follow a traders such as yourself? As a novice and currency challenged individual I am looking for a way to follow your trades within my budget.

Great! What broker do you recommend for trading in general?

Great interview !👍👍

Keep up the great work Greg.

And please, don't fall into the trap of putting in click bait titles and spelling doom and gloom every day (see X32 report) and some of the physical silver channels. That way of making videos is good in the short term but is a bad long term investment into your long term viewers. I know, I've churned from a lot of them! :)

Hello Greg,

Totally agree with the machine of debt build up to take advantage of the people spending their life working and saving for their future. This system is based on disinformation and cinematografization of the reality.

The huge change needed to correct the situation in the market is going to come from cripto currencies. Many cripto currencies are now available in the market and spendable online (following some specific proxies).

One of them, called Onecoin, not yet in the market challenges many of the existing currency with different prospective. The company has a goal of 120 billion coin in a world market.

Check the web sites:

Any comments are more than welcome



Right on the money greg..

HI Greg, Let the FED games begin and see if the people respond to them or go against them.

You are right on target Greg. The next week will be telling. I tend to think we will not see a continued rise in stocks. If anything I think we will see it sink.

Reality check. The Federal Reserve does not control the market. They set overnight rates on short term Government Bills (T-Bills) that directly influence lending and borrowing from a select group of banks and thus liquidity in the market place. The Federal Reserve reacts to market conditions and according to people like Rickards, Schiff, and Mannarino they always get it wrong. Are these people selling fear to promote their own self interest?

This post was voted down by the author and immediately disappeared simply because the author did not like anyone questioning his motives.

Arbutus I would like to hear/read what you have to say. I believe on seeing both sides so I can make up my own mind and, sometimes, that means reading opinions that don't sit well with me. Respectfully expressed opposite opinions open the door for constructive dialogue and explanations. Regards, ~D.

Please re-post. I'd like to hear. I don't know what you are referring to, but I can guess that he has primary and secondary motives. One of his motives is to feed us sensational news so we keep clicking. Or, in other words, give us news in a sensational way. All one need do is look at the titles and USE OF CAPS LOCKS on his videos to snag attention. Works on me every time. Still like the message, even though I may disagree with the delivery. He has certainly done a good job monetizing his hobby of warning the public. Can't blame someone who sees opportunity everywhere. So are there OTHER motives to which you are referring?

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