Status Post US Syria Bombing-Important Market Updates: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Metals, Crypto.

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Gregory Mannarino

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Thanks for your Vlog Gregory, looking fresh and ready to go brother!

US Dollar will collapse this year, prepare, get your funds out of your bank now. Keep Cash on hand and buy more crypto's on the next downward correction. $4700 BTC give or take a few hundred.

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Haircut looks good. I think President Trump would good with a military cut.

Thank you sir

Amazing post sir

Looks like a haircut tribute to R Lee Emerly !

Greg is ready to enlist 🇺🇸

upvoted done thanks for sharing this information

Banks under pressure lately. Going long.

JPM reported all good news Friday morning, yet stock sold off. not a good sign in our humble opinion.
What about NFLX, same thing?

NFLX as you probably saw went much higher. This stock so far was just a no-brainer. Yes banks are still under pressure, but holding strong in sell off. I am still bullish.

NFLX has done nowhere but down since the day after the report. "Sell the News" in effect, but the pop was just bigger than expected, that's all.

Very nice post my friend, i like your post

the stock market "bought the (bad) news" on Syria, and you might see something similar for NFLX tonite/tomorrow...

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Sir Gregory Mannarino,
I see all the videos in your YouTube channel.
I try to learn a lot from there.
I learned a lot from your YouTube channel.
Sir your posts are very perfect.
You keep making content in this way.
Good day, sir!

Nice hair cut!!!! Stocks higher..... booyah
Dollar $ continues downward trajectory
Bonds falling off cliff.... When will they start buying??? lol
Thanx for the update

Nonsense and garbage. You are so right on as usual. Nothing makes sense anymore in these markets.

Very usually post robin hood,

Nice post sir.. Thanks for sharing us and keep supporting me @marketreporter

Thank you for sharing this information @marketreport and very useful to us all.

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wOw amazing...

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You are good as usually.
Did you remove live charts for Steem, Ripple, Ether and Litecoin?

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Greg, Great Post and insights as usual. Upvoted and resteemed

This market is fake. Thank you Greg for your work.

Gregory, mon ami, where u been last 3 + daze?

No world war 3!! Woohoo! Stocks to the moon!!!

Thanks for the update. Sharp haircut. Who knows, you may be a trendsetter. Mine was shorter when I was a Ranger. Now it's simply disappearing. Hope we can stay out of WWIII.
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Very informative video . Awesome post. Upvote and Resteem done.

Yeah, your hair is pretty short. What do yo think about the timing of the Syria announcement, Fri evening, so the market would have until Mon to digest it?

thanks for the update Who knows the sharp haircut, you can be a trendsetter When I was a pigment mine now it is just invisible.