SPECIAL WEEKEND REPORT: The Markets, Looking Ahead To Next Week. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Greg don’t stop taking about the metals they will have their day , cheers mike

Ah, thanks for the look-ahead!


Good idea my brother

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Good work my brother

Hey Greg thanks so much for your wisdom in keeping us informed.Your posts mean alot to me and I am sure others on Steemit who follow. Blessings.

Sorry prof i can't open the video but I will resteem your post to support you

thank you for all of your work, Greg. And... at this point, even though I give it up to mid-November for the price to correct, I think you are right, the correction I was looking for will most likely not happen now.

have a great weekend.

Great video as usual! Yes the only thing forsure is that Silver is going to get punished! Thanks Greg The Lion Mannarino!

Thank you for coming back and gives a prediction for the next week. In defence of CNBC reporters, they are selling their souls because most of them need jobs, their is no way that they can tell the truth and still work their. Market is so fake it is ridiculous, but it is far from being over in my opinion.

I watch all your videos, big fan! Which is a better buy Bitcoin or Metals?

Good idea my brother


The Precious Metal market has to get real, someday.

Well, he did say we were going to get tired of winning... :P

Awesome @marketreport! Thank you for following me!

If you haven't checked out my introduction post yet...


Please, check it out and #UpVote if you like as I faithfully up vote everyone that follows me...or at least I try to!

Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

Fantastic man it's a useful post information i will resteem it thanks for sharing it

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Could it be that silver never goes up? :(

Good Post
Thank you for sharing

when Gregory speaks, you better listen. greetings

Good idea my brother

I watched this video.Really this is great one.