SPECIAL REPORT: Fed. Promises More QE! And Reverses Aggressive Hike Stance. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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thanks Gregory,
Have a great weekend!

Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed.

Thanks for your updates...

Who would have thunk it.

Thanks the expected print or die catch 22 is proved to be correct once again.

You brought me to cryptocurrencies, because you brought me to Steemit. Thanks for that!

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i like this blog.................

You always come with a great news and updates thanks for sharing Thais keep it up

Thank you for your information

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thanx greg for your always give latest updates on market also thanx for your always best work


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Got it.

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Interesting Post my dude. Hopefully the FED goes out with their promise! But for now enjoy this French Montana meme!

You always come with a great news and updates thanks for sharing Thais keep it up
You are doing great work for the community I appereciate it Hope you will share more I wish you all the best

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Looks like it was another lovely day!

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For investment I think we should know this information. It was really informative as a crypto user. It also very helpful for us. Thank you very much for sharing your post with us.

Good job,keep spirit and good luck

I like your vidios

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The robin hood...

Greatly appreciate the update and edifying information. I day traded this one and lost some on today, but had a very good net profit over the week. I appreciate your humility and honesty in admitting those things that you didn't see coming. We cannot learn from either our mistakes or the nefarious events going on without humility. I can see a number of times where I would have profited more if I had paid closer attention to the indicators. I was tempted to buy a call on SPY after lunch because the indicators were starting to expect that, however, I kept expecting it to go down even after I sold my PUT. That was a lost opportunity in my part. I am still an amateur at this, but hope to continue to do better in spite of the globalist out to destroy us. upvoted and resteemed.

thanks for your update..upvoted resteemed

Greg, thanks for the great info. How can I help with this effort to inform people?

Gregory - Trust what you perceive and see. You have talent most don't. Given the difficulty of going against the grain of your gut, days like today do grind at your soul. Continue to remember that today's reality is created before your eyes. Only those with vision and wisdom who separate the bullshit from the grain will beat back the lie that we all are challenged. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

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Thanks for the sharing sir
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FED is Scam !!!!

Lovely Day!!!!!! :-)
Markets are rigged!!!

nothing better than getting pissed when the market goes up lol

Thank You Greg, Great charts, I saw that about QE, It will kill the dollar. Have a good weekend.

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Thanks for sharing sir !!!

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great post.

It's all good Greg. We know the M.O. and we're going to capitalize on it.

After a long time you have posted.Thank s lot.i appreciate it this video

Maybe we may have just enough time to get into Elon's roadster if we leave now!

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youa lways come with new and latest udate thanks for sharing this
You are doing a great work keep it up

Thanks for information sir

Thanks for information sir

He is Robin Hood

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well and thanx greg for give your reviews and share analysis and your always helpfull videos on stock is great workDQmcgYZqxDjKkDyMridZseqiPqc6AjjRrbBLp1TuvraEEqr.gif

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your analysis is very useful to understand the actual mindset of market.
Thanks a lot Sir # GregoryMannarino

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Hi Greg, Just an FYI - Your last loser was on 1/26/18 (IWM March 2018 Put)--a small loss but a loss :).

Really great explaining about investing but i am still worry because market going on very bad situation.

Great information Greg. This market is totally rigged.

this sounds like straight route to Zimbabwe á la USA

Crypto was gaining this morning and the trend was the same on the stock market

Very nice (y).
I am follow anf resteem your post (y) .

Sir your great, I would like too say you thanks for everything.
I respect you. You can write everything pretty well.
I find the sweetness in your writing.
You are an outstanding personality.
Thanks for all your activities. Keep It up sir. I am always with you. Best of luck!


Guess it's time to back up the truck and buy more silver!!