SPECIAL REPORT: America In Crisis. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Space Force has been functioning in Top Secret for years... Trump is bringing many secrets into the light.

Historic Massive BOND buying.................................


CRYPTOS will Save the DAY!

Maybe you should run for Congress?

The VIX woke up in the last 20 minutes of trading today.. somethings up

sounds like financial crack to me and America is addicted. Thanks Greg

Wow. A space force as a way to increase debt.

Hello Greg, Most people suffer from Normalcy Bias. They do not want to the believe the worst case scenario event can happen. I posted this video series about the US Treasury ESF and how it funds the Deep State. I think you will find help to explain to investors how this world works.
Keep up the good fight,

The US economy still mess up. Nothing it will change until we go through this coming collapse.

Space Force ... printing ... "to infinity and beyond!"

There's an old country and western song where the woman comes into her bedroom and she sees her husband in bed with another woman. So he says are you going to believe what I tell ya or are you going to believe your lyin eyes?

Such is the nature of the world we live in. I've witnessed 50 years of fake/lying news media and politicians. The country and the world is in a serious mess. We must do the best to influence positively where we can and look out for those we can and be ready to take a stand when the time comes.
upvoted and resteemed.