SPECIAL REPORT: A Systematic Wipe Out Of The Middle Class Is Well Under Way. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Wealth-Transfer? KILLary can suck ASS!

NOT Surprised at all about the S&P going up.

NOT knowing about Crypto's will cost you a Fortune Gregory.

Your Option trades will go to zero at some point.

Melt-Down already happening to every class (not just the middle class).

FED has to raise interest rates next month to keep the Manipulation going.

Trade-Wars then World Wars!

US Dollar will NOT Survive! (thank God)



I totally agree, the end goal is all about masters and Servants . Cheers mike

Up & Rs

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Greg, I don't think it would be wise for president Trump to go the obvious method to resolving our economic problems. If he did, it would only mean that he is feeding the monster to survive and grow even bigger. We simply have to kill the beast. And we cannot tell them how we do, but let them and everyone guess what is going to happen. That is the most effective way to taking down the beast permanently. And sorry, there is going to be a lot of pain to go through. ... By the way, if I am correct about what Trump is up to, I think that he is going to convince the FED to raise the interest rate into oblivion. Sorry, but it is going to be our only way out of this one hundred plus year old problem in hand. And yes, there will be casualties. We will have to accept it.

The fed is already back tracking
And trump is dead against feeling the pain we need to to fix things. He’s pumping short term bogus stats like all b4 him... here’s a good breakdown on Fed setting up back story to pause

That’s what he’s been doing
Making governments bigger.

Am ppl have become very wimpy and are not yet ready for truths you mention. I do hope that as he consolidates power after the midterm (hopefully) that we will finally see some justice and overhaul of FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc., and transition to a real market without getting into a world war although technically we have been in a world war for a number of years,but are too stupid to recognize it as such. An organized political/religious cult has declared war on the world and the global elites are supporting it.
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