Quick Tips On How To Use My New "QUICK BOOM" Intra-Day Trading System. By Gregory Mannarino

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I have added a neat intra-day trading charting system to my website TradersChoice.net which can be found bottom center of the page.

This system is exceedingly simple, just 2 steps to follow. Lets call this "QUICK BOOM."

Below is ticker SPY, 15min. chart (the default setting of my day-trading chart).
The bottom oscillator and the price action must correlate GREEN, GREEN, as circled 1,2, for a "buy signal" to trigger.

Now below, this would be a good "sell signal/short"
Note that both the oscillator and the price action are RED.

Now.. back to my website where you will not only find this chart, but pretty much everything else you need to beat this market for free. Click HERE: https://www.traderschoice.net/

Gregory Mannarino

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Thanks again, Gregory. Thanks for helping us get ahead.

Greg, thank you for sharing your trading method. I have a question. Is it better to trade in the direction of a longer time frame? If you get a buy signal from a 15-min. chart, should you also see a longer time frame such as 60-min trend ? Should I trade in the same direction as the 60-min chart?

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