Now, Let's See How The Bond Market Responds To Powell Talk. By Gregory Mannarino

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Tomorrow will prove to be a very interesting day, IMO, for the bond market after Powell's talk before congress.

If the sell off in bonds continues, expect stocks to fall, if they manage to stabilize bonds, stocks will gain. The action of the Dollar will also prove to be a factor. If the dollar gains, this is stock market negative.

Will be an interesting day, tomorrow... No doubt.

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20 minutes to Count Down....

Ok mr . we waiting tomorrow

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very informative post..............

Thanks Robin Hood !

yeah wait

thanks Mr. Robinhood,
Waiting for tomorrow ;

Thank you !!

He is Robinhood

It is incredible that the presstitute media fail to take Powell to task for his ''rosy'' i.e. BS forecast for the U.S. economy. Apparently, 4 rate hikes are no problem due to the booming economy.
In November 2017 6.3 million Americans were 90 days late on their auto loan payments. Does anybody think that 4 rate hikes will help these people?
Meanwhile credit card debt has risen to an all time high past the 1.02 trillion reached in 2008! Will these people benefit from 4 rate hikes?
The American ruling elite are toboganning towards disaster with their eyes wide shut.

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thanks for sharing the latest market's news, waiting eagerly for tomorrow.

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Thanks for the post Mr. Robin Hood! Waiting for tomorrow!

Well alrighty....... Exciting times indeed... :-)
Thanx for the update!!!

We want to see you much more Robin Hood !

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what's best case scenario for this year? we admit weakness and get another major correction?

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I hope everyones personal central bank is well stocked!

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good post thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for post Robin Hood !

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Yeah tomorrow will be an very interesting day...lets see what will happen.

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Wonderful post
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Very useful information Sir, Great Post.
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Love your content @marketreport ! U are one of the few brave ones out there to say the truth about what is going on with this insane economy... Keep it up mate! Greetings from Spain :)

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thanks for sharing the latest market's news, waiting tomorrow.

Time to buy gold and silver?

Thanks my brother for this information

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it's interesting to see what this guy will say ,everything is always being bet against the fundamental based on the lying federal reserve ,i hope you are staying back as you let everything unfold,

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Thanks Greg, The fed will probably march out some one to say something so the market doesn't go down.

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Thanks for the insight to watch the bond market.

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Wish to get well again.

How long can they keep the rigging going on? The saga continues.

great.. Gregory Mannarino seems as the popular person in the market bond,,there have two dividation of treading...profit and loss....
so i hope something will happen mirakkel..
i support you ..and also follow you,sir
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Stocks won't fail. Trump knows how to keep them bullish.

Thank you so much sir. I really waiting for tomorrow.

Thanks for information sir !!

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