My Lions! This Is For You. By Gregory Mannarino

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My Lions we are RIPPING THE FACE OFF THIS MARKET hardcore WITH the trades I posted this morning. Please pay it forward, I am counting on you.

Gregory Mannarino


Now that Trump has taken over the FED he will systematically shut it down.

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I think there is totally something wrong with the stock market even tough it’s going up as of now. We are just above 200 DMA and if we break back below it in the few trading days we will see repetition of recent historic selloff, or even worse than that. Look at the crypto market, it’s selling off and stocks are raising. This should be warning sign as well. We shall see. Thank you for your up to date video!

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It's good to hear you're doing well in the market.

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Alright! I'm paying it forward.

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Sir, You always share the good content. Thank you so much for that.
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