My Lions, New Stock Pick(s) Posted To TradersChoice. POUNCE! By Gregory Mannarino

in #money4 years ago

To be honest, I am not into stocks. But one can value Greg's judgments on finance and markets. These are far more revealing and truthful than those of the - - (you fill the blanks) :)

Goodluck Lions and Lionesses, Greg is a smart cookie :)
BTW Greg still voting for you in a kilt next time :)
Your prolly Italian by the sound of your name, but live dangerous and give us a smile ;)

you are right and i have to agree with you and thank you for posting

Thanks again for all you do for us

thank u greg for the stock picks

Nice, Thanks Greg

MarketReport... "On the Money" ... pun intended (not fiat currency, REAL MONEY!!!)

I'll have a look at those articles.
I hope there are some great suggestions :)

Roar! Thank you Greg, i featured you in my latest blog post! have a great day!

Thanks for your pick Greg.

Great picks as usual. So, what is your take on Martin Armstrongs future view of the Dow, is he correct that major global funds will head toward United States which will lead the Dow to 40000?

Do you think retail investors will increase dramatically in the near future?

Thank You Greg... sorry I've been somewhat absent, had some family members needing my help.

Have a Great Week !!

Wow, nice post! I am following you now!

good post

waiting for your new video greg !

Great picks as always Greg. Your making us money well at least fiat so we can transfer it into the real stuff

Thanx for the update!

Can't let you down after you asking so nicely)

Thanks again Greg.

I put my my superannuation (the AUS equivalent of 401) into a conservative plan after years of it being in a 'aggressive' plan where most of it was allocated to stocks. We're due for a collapse and it felt about right to wait for the collapse to hit, stocks to discount, then opt back into an aggressive plan. :) Seeing as I don't have many stocks at the moment, that's how I'm playing the longer term game.

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