My Beautiful Lions! Some Wish Us To Lose, But You Will Enjoy My Response. By Gregory Mannarino

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My Lions, below is a screenshot from my last video MarketReport.
It appears that there is at least one individual who hopes that the market drops so we "lose."
Well obviously this individual known as "The Hard Truth" does not understand the most basic of market dynamics.

I hope you like my response.


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Lions. Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency are currently catching a nice bid-I expect that come Tuesday, (the next day equity markets here in the US open), if crypto continue to gain, stocks will gain as well.

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@marketreport, Really i have been impressed seeing your response in your post. Really appreciated response just i have been facinating. Thank you very much for your good response.
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Nice information you are the robin hood of market..@marketreport

I agree with you... He's like as robin hood... Thanks @marketreport

Haha poor him,you bursted the bubble he was living in. You said it very well and i think he went back to 1930 hahaha Thanks for keep us updated abd providing us with the right info and knowledge earliest as possible. Keep up the great work and also helping animals.

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The market will crash after you told your followers to short the market.
So every one makes money on the downside.

What is matter for crash....can you explain please???

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You gave excellent reply to hard truth ....exactly he don't know anything about market...i like dips because it gave us chances to buy more..

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@marketreport, Really i have been impressed seeing your response in your post. Really appreciated response just i have been facinating. Thank you very much for your good response.
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I guess some people believe in paying it backwards? Karma has consequences. I'm far from being the trader I want to be but I cannot help but admire 'pay it forward'. Personally I have found greener pastures trading the cryptos, but I would have never paid so much attention to them (and profited from them if it were not for Greg's guidance. I am on Steemit for one and one reason only and that is Greg. I'm older than Greg so I can't consider him an older brother so I will have to consider him my younger brilliant brother (sometimes cocky, but he has earned the right to be so) and I will never always agree (at my own peril) but if you do not pay close attention to what Greg is saying...then you are a fool and you deserve whatever you get!

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