MUST WATCH: This Stock Market Mega-Bubble Just Hit A Line In The Sand. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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The bond market is a central player in this game. I wrote a Blog about Bonds "Why Gregory Mannarino is wrong about Donald Trump". I upvoted and resteemed.


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Although it is good that there was FINALLY some action against corrupt traders manipulating the markets, the simple truth is with so many other offenses of corruption and market manipulation that go without any acknowledgment of wrongdoing or punishment for those caught just makes me think there is some politics behind it that they want to send a message since it really is rare and completely arbitrary who they decide to prosecute.

The rule I see most often followed is if you only screw the public (read Muppets) then no punishment, but if you screw the banking system or the banking elite, you are going to be punished


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Raise the rates in March? It will slam the markets.
FED will be dead with Inflation.
Sleep well Gregory, if you can?
I wake at least twice a night to watch the crypto corrections going on.
Lots more to come, buy the bottoms :)

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Great video Greg!

My only complaint is your insistence that your trading average has to come down.

We all get better at the things we spend the most time on over time. I’m sure you’ve spent 10000’s of hours following these markets so don’t spend brain energy on non useful things. & honestly the more rigged these markets get the more transparent they become.

Just stay conservative & intelligent like u always do, & forget this have to have more losers talk. They will happen, & we won’t stress when they do, because we know we can pick many more winners than we will have losers, & we can go about ripping the markets metaphorical face off !


Thanks Greg!

PS - Love the fact that you are also animal lover :)

thanks for the video ...
and thanks for saved animal

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really a good work for your predtions on stock market with your videos and posts and now greg i am not a trader but hope your opinions and perditcions help traders and this new video about the hiting some new line is really help them your work is great

your anylesis on stock and market are always good and i always need its greg sir i also

You think SPY is going down? Where will the cash go?

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good job mr gregory thak you for this info

thanks Greg.. you will be the first face on video once this shit-show pops. You don’t need to “say I told you so”


I'm so happy to have discovered this part of the Internet. True and honest content like Greg here. I feel like I know where the treasure is buried. 🤣

Market bubble!

marketreport you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market and like your brilliant work

thanks for sharing the experience you had when first starting out. i will keep that in mind for any future comments i might be making. thanks for preventing new steemians from making those mistakes :) by the way i like what your doing here on steem, you keep it real, i can appreciate that for sure :)
thanks for sharing your experience :) ..

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Thanks for all the charts videos and analysis
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Thanks for the udpdate. Really difficult market to call. I netted out today a little in the green, but have much to make up.
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Watching today's market action...

Sometimes I wonder if it's all a big bubble (many big bubbles) or if this is WWII Germany inflation 2.0 starting.

Printing into infinity may very well look just like this.

Hey, Greg does this mean that the below is no longer valid or should we BTFD? ;-)

Great post! Well substantiated information

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Funny guy. Facial expression, dramatic. Nice video. Really helpful

Thank You Greg, I don't know how you do all you do, i would be chewing my nails, and pulling my hair out.

Professional Video Very useful information Thank you for sharing

Nice analysis about crypto. Resteem your post.

Trump just announced how he is going to control Hyperinflation. Bitcoin & Dow to 100k The roaring 2020's are just getting started by Jose Arteaga 84923899.jpgdonald-trump-quote-big.png

It is worthwhile noting that the central bank of Japan after years of massive money printing has finally started to wind down its huge balance sheet. In December 2017 its balance sheet shrank slightly despite the bank governor publicly restating his commitment to an ultra-easy money policy.

Meanwhile, the ECB is committed to QE throughout 2018 although it claims that the amount will reduce during the year from 60 to 30 billion euros. According to a recent article published by the Council on Foreign Relations the ECB's bond purchases and low interest rates have led to a large in flow of European investors buying US treasuries and other fixed income assets. The article argues that a fall off in ''foreign demand for duration could trigger a jump up in U.S. Treasury yields—and there is a bit of a debate on the mechanics of how foreign inflows impact U.S. markets—a falloff in flows from Europe after ECB QE ends seems to pose far more of a risk than China.''

I agree, the market is going through some rapid changes and the bond market is the catalyst.

Caution is the word.

Irrational exuberance is just around the corner. Good work Greg!

Bond roller-caster continues...
Thanx for update!!!

Greg, Who did what with Gold between 2pm & 2:30pm today? Seems awful fishy....

Nice work man !

It is possible that both of your trades will be losers, but it appears to be a smart move to me. More than likely they will move in opposite directions.

The wall of fear has vanished for now...(negative) now the market can drop a few hundred points and oh well..a few hundred more..and we are not seeing the put buyers. This market is going to have a hard time gaining traction.

Thank you for the report

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Thanks Greg and I'll keep listening for your signal to get out.

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Great information and talking in crypto-news. I like this video.
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anather informative video....

Governments are legally allowed to manipulate the markets, since they gave themselves permission years ago. They're doing a fine job of screwing everything up too!!

Great video sir... Good to work sir... Thank you sir...

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