MUST WATCH: Post Market Wrap Up SPECIAL REPORT. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

ITS A RIGGED GAME... Are We Winning This Trade War? By Gregory Mannarino CLICK HERE:
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My Lions. I do not ask for anything except this. If you are profiting from my Blogs/website/info. PLEASE pay it forward and donate a percentage of your profit to a charity you believe in. I support this one every month. Much love, Greg.

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Trade Wars then World Wars!

Prepare for Tuesday Sept.11th

Greg, thank you so much for educating us on the global financial conspiracy and bringing sense to it. Many others talk about it differently and most are trying to sell metals. I prefer the unbiased truth. I was checking out a brokerage consultant years ago and when he said the market wasn't rigged, I didn't go with him. There are multiple global conspiracy FACTS on a number of fronts and we need to stick together and learn the unpleasant truths.
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Hello Greg, When Kudlow was doing his rounds on CNBC and Bloomberg telling America the Unemployment numbers and about the growing economy, I yelled at the TV you Liar. Here is a link of the real economic numbers by Micheal Synder.
Michael latest article is shows the Real Economic numbers vs The Government's Propaganda Economic numbers. He also uses truthful economic data from John Williams at
"The rarest Commodity in this World is Truth" The Watchman
I'm taking the Family to LEGO Land.
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