Markets: The Charade Will Go On... By Gregory Mannarino

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Your willingness to give back and help others is a measure of ones greatness! Love each other, care for each other, and be charitable. Greg.


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hey, @marketreport i like your every post. so great your information....

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thank you Robin

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Yeah the charade has been played for so long. They dont give it up, they just change venues sometimes. I was in silver for last 20 years, and that is a market they seem to have complete control over.

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The matter may not be clear to everyone, but you have written it very well.
You said the whole thing so beautifully that it can not be imagined.
You can write a lot better, your praise will be reduced.
Please let us know as you write it, hopefully you will give us a lot of great gifts.
Stay tuned, stay with us. Keep it up your job Sir. Thanks For Your Everything.

thanks alot robinhood for the update!

It really was hard to survive this week it is true ....the whole market was down .... the stock market keepers supressing it all ....lets hope for the best...

Thanks for the update. It seems we have come under that curse "may you live in interesting times". Going to a farm is looking better every day.
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I believe the major actors are exiting stage left.

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Appreciate your hard work & research, Greg! SPY more than made up for NFLX and INTC, and there are even better days coming. Thanks again!!

I like how you close the video saying that the attempt to punish the crypto asset class will be unsuccessful, and I hope you are right.

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