Thanks for sharing Gregory.

Yes very enjoyable, nice to see you at the weekend thanks for your information. Cheers mike

Thanks again, Gregory. I am happy BYOCB. Leaning toward Silver.

Absolutely love the Saturday looking forward video idea and the new swing trading chart especially in conjunction with the day trading chart and the bond chart. The chart reading lesson was very helpful also. I'm sure glad that we have you on our side as us little guys definitely need all the help we can get in this fight against the DBCB's and the banksters.

I have been following you for a while, traded in the past, started again about 2 mo. ago , and figured out a lot of what you are saying in this video with some of your help. I really appreciate the help so far, but I needed a little more help and confirmation on things that you pointed out very well on this video. I'll admit I've lost a lot making stupid mistakes by being in the market again, but would never blame you for any of them. This video and its contents are a huge confidence builder in what I should be paying attention and what I shouldn't. I tend to think that I should be swing trading, but I get anxious, and/or nervous and feel that I should drop the position before the end of the day. Recently I when I did take the leap of faith into the next day I found my self in a good position the next day if I was looking at the right indicators and entering the right option at a good time. I've adjusted these graph settings onto my trading platform, as they are, as close as possible and they are working out great. These Saturday videos will be a great plus to what you have already done to help me out. I have not made money yet, but when I do, rest assured I will pay it forward as you would like us all to do. Thanks Gregory, and God bless.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us on Saturday! I knew you loved us and couldn’t stay away! Crypto market is fun over the weekend usually too!

Good info. Helpful info about how to use charts.

Have you seen the Q video “The plan to save the world” yet?

What does this mean for the markets??? Was going heavy in gold; doesn’t this mean the fix price will not be happening out of London anymore??

& stock market will become less rigged?

Or just goose chase?

What think?

keep up the great work Greg
very helpful

Really good segment, watched on your website. Will take small position on Monday and looking forward to recap next Saturday

Thanks for the Saturday lesson!
upvoted and resteemed.

Greg, Thanks for you Saturday video and market projections. upvoted and resteemed.

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