Lions! This Is What You Need To Do Now. By Gregory Mannarino

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Today's bond market sell-off is somewhat dramatic, and this is pushing bond yields higher and putting pressure on stocks.

My suggestion.. Do not try to get fancy and short this market. Just sit back and wait. Trade an index, (I like SPY). Let this play out and wait for a rebound. Market always over reacts. Take advantage of that!


Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

My website, where you will find everything you need to capitalize on this market.
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This has been one bizarre stock market year...will it ever correct?

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What do you think of a China index fund like GXC or PGJ. I realize you are a trader, but you also own gold and silver for the long run. I am wondering if I should allocate some to China index fund. Thanks. I realize you are way too busy to answer.

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How many times can the market price in tax reform? Almost everyone is expecting this market to continue going up till the end of this month. Im just wondering if there will be "sell the news" moment when and if the taxes get passed?

Thanks for the good advice, Greg. This is very interesting indeed... a massive bond sell-off so far, wouldn't you say?

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