It's Getting Real! Stocks In Trouble As More Bad Economic News Hits The Tape. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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It sucks trying to sell stocks off in this market. :(
FUD is being pumped...
Kill the FED!

Yes you say right boss.

Excellent report, I have resteemed it so others may learn from you.

Thank you for yet another great post Gregory!!!!

Thank you Robin Hood

I can see so many people commenting here in hope that @marketreport will up vote them. Most of them have not even seen the video I think. Don't know what should I say since the system of Steemit is like this only, no easy way for minnows to grow. May all of you succeed here in future with all the hard work your guys are doing.

Thanks for the report. It appears that we're definitely late in the economic cycle.

really nice video I like it tnx for

sad news bro but thanks for information .

i really like your work to updates on stock market daily greg

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The dead cat bounced twice before going to it's grave.

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Stock metket is getting really interesting.

Thanks for the video Mr. Robin Hood!

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Robin hood

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The true value of debt... is whatever the market decides it is. If nobody want to buy it then it is worth zero. If everybody wants it then ok, it has value. This is true of everything including gold, silver, and cryptos...and my shoes.

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Truly ,stock is in truobble.but what shall we do ?

Thank you sir

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Thank You Greg, Fake markets.

Well, at least this time you ended with a smile. :o)

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It is about making you think from a different perspective.
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Greg, when do we start adding to KMI?

Thank you Mr Robin

Interesting. Bad news drives up stocks in this Fed reality, correct? Can they prop up again?

Thanks for the updated. upvoted and resteemed.

very good video I always follow you

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Greg, you are so mean! :) LOL

Thanks for the update. Thank you for bringing us the truth- you are one of the only people talking about the Fed LYING about their balance sheet. Upvoted and resteemed.

Good job may friend,,

u tell them Greg :))

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