Introducing the "Rip" (Rip The Markets Face Off) System For Traders. By Gregory Mannarino

in money •  2 years ago

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Introducing the "rip system" for technical trading! As many of you know I have created several trading systems throughout the years, my most noteworthy to date is arguably the Evolution System which is still being used by traders all over the world with great success.

The "rip system," my newest creation, is arguably every bit as accurate as the original Evolution System however, in my opinion it is simpler to use.

The rip system was designed on the free StockCharts trading platform (so anyone can use it FOR FREE).

The “rip system” can also be set up on most of the popular and widely used platforms as well.

In this publication, I am going to walk you through step-by-step, creating your own “rip system” that you yourself can use to rip the face off of this market!

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Check it out. Click here:

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport

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Simple is always a good thing Greg, but the evolution system doesn't take very long to get used to. The more you do something the easier it becomes.

You should see if there's a way members could pay you in SBDs for the new "Rip" how to. I've seen several authors selling their books on a site that members can buy and download with SBDs. It'd be a great way to promote Steemit and your work at the same time. Really appreciate all you do brother!

Thanks for the E-Book Gregory.
Hope your by the pool replying to these comments.

Let the face ripping begin!!!! :-)

Now I'll try to figure it out ...

Thanks for share.

Thanks for this free ebook for us traders.
I'm going to go check it out and let's see if it will up my game ;)

I have copies of your other systems and will look into this one. I know it will be as good or better then the others. Thank you for this.

Another one! Thanks Gregory. I bought the Evolution system the first time around from you. Nice set up!

well..I hate RIP...


I believe face shredding is a viable alternative!!!!

I love your post! Big like for you!

At the moment there is a strange market and more uncertainty!

Thank you for sharing your market strategies with us.

Thanks Gregory.


good post. like this.

this looks great

LOL Nice choice of name there.

Hi Greg, will you be giving this out to us, or do we have to pay the 9.99?? Not that I'm cheap....:C), but I'm not a trader...I'm a stacker, but I wouldn't mind taking a peak at it. As always..You are the Man!! Keep on steemin brother!! :C) Upvoted.


ABSOLUTELY....upvoted u too. :C)


You need skin in the game, ten lousy bucks.


Oh and also...just lost my job 2 weeks ago, but was still


Lost you job, I'm sorry buddy. You will get a better one I know it!


Thanks Greg, already in the works. Will be starting a New Job driving for FEDEX in a week or so. I have always told my wife if you wanna work there is a job out there....might not be what you really want....but it's a job!!
Hope you having a blast at the pool too. :C)


Calm down brother...just!!


Greg is this system based on options only


Can I just pay 10X the $10 for you to reveal the method you use to get your "posted" trades up to a 7 to 1 win rate in the overall scheme of things? Your "behind the scenes" picks have got to be at least 400% winners to bring your overall win ratio up to 7 to 1 (as you claim)...based on the results I have been seeing since I have been tracking your picks posted at TradersChoice. :-) Glad you have a sense of humor, Greg. :-)

Nice post ..thanks for sharing...

You're a brilliant man! I like your posts!

great post like all your posts
thank you so much for sharing

Rip it off!!!! Then, bust all kindz of nuts. ALL kindz. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Great post
thank you for sharing


wow! :)

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nice post
We are very grateful to this. You continue to have success in the same way. @ahlawat

I like your post..Thanks for share.