Important Updates: DOW 25K, US Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bonds, MORE. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Not even the bond sell off can stop this rally today.
Great video as always!
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Very important discussion. @marketreport

Gregory you have hit it on the head way to go. Thanks so much

How much lower do you think the dollar can go greg , thanks mike

Stockrocket - Dollar doomed - Yellen will prop up Bonds till the end - opportunities everywhere -
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@mafsteem it's really important updates for us...

Keep up the great work Greg. Don't give it up. We got your back too. )

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We'll generally be here for you, Greg, to help talk you down after the fed gatherings - upvoted and resteeme

Is this the roaring 1920's all over again?!

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You are a boss of crypto market.Thanks for sharing us.

DOW will keep going up to 100,000 with the FED Bond buying.

This is a Gift, Nothing is Real "Distortions, Yield curve, stock valuations"

Rigging/ Hammer's the Dollar!

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Very informative post..Thank you very much for sharing


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rally mode nearly every day until doomsday ;-)

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Hey great video as usual!
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Great information.upvote and resteem always...
Not even the bond sell off can stop this rally today.
Great video as always!...

Keep doing awesome. Cant ever get enough of be your own particular national bank talk. Particularly with regards to metals and cryptos joined.

Last nights vid was so funny. love it when you get all riled up and have to take a breath. You inspired me to open my steem account today, hope to be posing soon.

$ dying
Bond roller coaster
Stock Mkt higher
Cryptos being cryptic
Exciting time to be alive
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Resteemed. Precious metals is where to be, imo. Keep stacking! Thanks for the video Greg!

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yes thanks greg, play the pump take the profit and store it in a solid asset, voted and resteemed

Gonna buy a silver monster box this weekend. so excited! Thank you Greg!

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"How long? I don't know!" Well said cause no one does but you can bet your ass that when it happens it'll be like a thief in the night...... like someone hit a light switch. The one's who are not prepared and positioned will be wiped out. Thanks as always Gregory!

Great video as always! I follow your post.Thanks so much @marketreport
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The manipulation will end someday.

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Tulip mania keeps going! There are reports that Morgan Stanley sold all their junk bond holdings. Upvoted and resteemed!

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Man yesterday's rant was great. Keep up the good work!

Yes, it's really Important Updates...

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Hi Greg! Thank you for all your work! I'm curious to know why SPY has been vaulting higher while at the same time BND is bleeding off daily for the past couple of days. Shouldn't the bond market be supporting the stock market? Thank you.

Yesterday's rant was a good one, keep up the good work Greg, much appreciated.

it's really important updates for us...