If Bonds Do Not Stabilize Here, Expect The Stock Market To Drop. By Gregory Mannarino

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The chart below demonstrates what the last 2 trading day sell-off in the bond market looked like.

To say the least, it is substantial.
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**If the bond market continues to sell off next week, you can also expect that the stock market will react very negatively. In other words, unless the bond market stabilizes here, there is trouble ahead for stocks...

Gregory Mannarino

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If the stock market falls, I expect the crypto markets to increase dramatically. It can be a good thing if people are prepared.


I agree. Let the fall in the markets start.

Yes! I'm ready for the crypto markets to rise up!

Dont forget the bond market as well, which is much bigger than the stock market. Bonds are a terrible investment at the moment. So expect cash flowing from bonds to cryptocurrencies as well.

That's so awesome! I mean... not for the bond market. But the crypto market can always use a nice push. Haha


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Great analysis ! bitcoin is going to rise up , thanks for sharing a great post wit us ..

Great analysis man i upvoted this post

Thanks for all you do Greg.

Thanks and resteemed, friend!

Thanks for the info Greg. Looks like a bit of a sell off.
Hope you have managed to get a new Bud Fox into your life.

It is going to be tough for stocks. What the crown prince is doing in Saudi Arabia can only raise the price of oil. High oil prices will cook the props of the economy. How brazen can those rigging the market be?

Even though I have a relative idea on how the markets are influenced to perform, I'm still always amazed at how "fragile" the markets are. It's amazing how a major event on the other side of the world can affect the stock and crypto markets. We really are in a global economy.

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Oh it looks very bad to see. Thanks for the info Gregory Mannarino.

thanks for the heads up. Do you really think that the powers that be will allow stocks to fall too much? I mean they want to keep it going. Or have they run out of tricks to dangle in front of us?

G'day Greg, Slightly off topic - sayin' Thank You for validating my own thinking and timing a few days ago. Your advice you were selling 50% of your Bitcoin and re-allocating was Spot On. As I recall, BTC was then $7500ish and is now $6300ish. Good on ya, Mate!

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Interesting news...amazed the bond and stock markets have stayed as inflated as they have been for so long...not sure if selloff will be good for crypto...often what happens is all the leverage in the market gets called and people have to over sell everything and anything to pay off...usually leads to a bit of a deflated state of any excess money until things settle down...


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If the stock market falls, I expect the crypto markets to increase dramatically. It can be a good thing if people are prepared.

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