Gregory Mannarino: Markets, Metals, and Making Sense of the Madness (Greg Mannarino interview)

in money •  last year

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In the video interview below, David and I cover issues across the spectrum. Don't miss this!

Gregory Mannarino
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DAMN GREG! I've been watching you for 3 years and I thought you were like early 40's. Look good for your age bro! Good genes.


Also, i'm so thankful for the internet. I lack so many mentors in real life that if it wasn't for the internet and books I'd be stuck trying to make sense of everything from MSM and the sheeple im surrounded by. Thank you Greg. You are one of my mentors!

Greg, seriously... what is happening in cryptos... for real? I stumbled across bitcoin a couple years ago, and my tech mind immediately thought something was possible (and Andreas Antonopoulos made the best pro BTC speeches ever eg. ). I decided to drop $2500 into it, thinking to go long from the start, it was my entertainment funds for the year. Now my original buy in is sitting at $102K and I am thinking it has to be a bubble, but WTF it is still higher EVERY time I check in on it. I literally look for shelter if I hear thunder, because I want to be around to spend it.


I did an anecdotal experiment yesterday. I asked everyone I met, literally everyone (friends, co-workers, clients, cashiers, A&W window attendant, ~50 people) if they had heard of bitcoin (~10) and if they owed any (0). I am literally the only one in my sphere that owns any yet.


Exactly! Maybe it is in a bubble looking at historical charts but maybe in 5 years it wont be anything more than blip on the charts. Hardly anybody owns these assets and like you proved only 20% of people have even heard about it.

Actually I wrote a Post about each of you separately explaining how much I value both of your advice and knowledge. Keep up the great work both of you! DR

Greg, 51 isn't old! You are wise, not old.


Greg does not look 51, I guessed 38-39.


I know! I thought he was maybe 40. When he's 105, then he can tell us he's old.


Really? Cos I thought he's 58.

Hey everyone, I just wrote an important post about why Steemit is about to take off! I would appreciate it if you guys took a look, I think everyone will find it very interesting

You still look like a young dude... I'm from So Cal, and I was living in Battery Park City on 9/11, and all my financial friends out there thought THEY were Gordon Gekko. They were not! You very well may be!!! You have taught me more in a couple years than they could in a lifetime. Silver!

You are wearing well for 51 @marketreport :-D - Glad I found you on now, keep up the good work - peace and love - @alinix

Thanks Greg!

Nice share again Greg ! Thank you. You are the real deal. No one can question that. And you do look good too.

Looks good.

He Greg - I would have guessed you at 38. Man what is your secret? As for mentors Dad got me into investing first. His formula of investing in an index fund and sitting on it for 20 years until it cooks and is ready for retirement may have worked for him but does not work today. As well as your site I also have Greg Hunter and SGT Report as mentors. One that has lost my interest in is Harry Dent. There may be cycles but I feel metals are needed and worthy of investing. YOU GO GREG!!! ROCK!!

Welcome to the Crypto world, keep the great content coming, following ya now!

yeeehhhh mang your like the market news guy all around....I like your useful information you have for us daily and for you to do this...good stuff...BUT TELL YOU I'M ALL IN TO MAKING MY OWN CENTRAL BANKS AND METALS ALL THE WAY...

Gregory, Your tip, on joining Steemit, is working for me. You got anymore hot tips. Thanks!

hell yeah! love me some mr. mannarino! wish i was that smart! i know nothing about stocks at all and im dirt poor and i watch these videos hahahaha maybe one day il figure this money thing out

They are really managing the metals that's for sure 😤

Your over 50? Holy Cow. Congrats on the great Genes pal.

I've been watching you for 3 years too . but what this about GREG being 40??

Basically every market got socialized back in 2009. There is a reason why the Fed isn't fully audited. They use unaudited electronic funds to manipulate everything !

The average life span of a Lion in the wild is 10 to 14 years.
They live longer when they rip faces off!

51 years young! Keep up your awesome work. Your the man.

51? Really? But im same age (nearly), but i had you down as late 30s. Just compare with greg hunter who actually does look his age.

Greg you should do a video on your guitar collection!

Thank you for sharing your life, teachings, and wisdom!

Greg thank you for all that you do

Thanks for the great informative video!

Hey greg! I took your advice and made a steemit it so far! Keep up the great work :)

you should write about your youth secret

Great interview, thanks for sharing it here.


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Greg, for years I have seen this market being manipulated--gold, silver, DJI etc--our mentors like you warn us and we try to take advantage as you suggest--but my question is with all the supposed government and private agencies watching over the market--why doesn't the manipulation stop? It appears to be getting worse. Nothing makes any sense. Aren't there any honest government agencies--people?? Besides going along and trying to out wit the crooks what action would you suggets we take to fix the problem? It's crazy--is President Trump our savior? Wanna start a revolution of sorts-- you can be our leader.

Same age as me and now an alternative health professional and world my oyster and thanks to you now coming here and another world opening up. Like you lots of life experience and now making the most thanks to good parents and a bit of luck as well.

Greg, your awesome. I listen to what you have to say most everyday. Thanks for what you do...educating to empower.