Get Ready! Today We Hear From The Supreme Confederacy. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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The Deutsche Bank derivative situation may be the catalyst for ANOTHER global financial meltdown this summer.

Silver may go down to $6oz. AGAIN like in 08/09 crash.

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Hello sir robin hood, good to see you again.I always wait for you interesting updates.Thanks for these one sir.Upvoted also.

Greg what are your views on the future of Steem? Do you think it has a future?

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Manipulation is easy when you can just create money and throw it into the system. #QE

Like you predicted they are rigging the cryptos just like they rig gold and silver. Keep wondering how long they can keep this charade up.
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I am more than ready to be a part taker of this move we are anticipating

The stock market is fake. The funny part of all this is that you can still make money in this creepy market. Greg, you know your stuff very well. Thank you for your work. Have a great one.