Fed. Chair Lies To Congress And Not One Of Them Calls Him Out! By Gregory Mannarino

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NOT ONE OF OUR INEPT CONGRESSMEN CALLS OUT FED CHAIR POWELL ON HIS LIE REGARDING THE FED. BALANCE SHEET. INSTEAD THEY PANDERED TO THEIR BASE. NOT ONE OF THEM TOOK EVEN ONE SECOND TO CHECK THE FED. OWN WEBSITE TO SEE IF POWELL WAS TELLING THE TRUTH ON THE BALANCE SHEET. In his opening remarks Fed. Chair Powell LIED before Congress! Saying the Fed. is "normalizing/shrinking their balance sheet." Here is a link to the Fed. Website balance sheet reports, they PROVE that it is NOT SHRINKING. https://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/quarterly-balance-sheet-developments-report.htm

Fed. Balance sheet increasing..png

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Thank You, Gregory, Like I said before, All the more reason to "Audit the Fed."


I don't think the FED lied. @marketreport I have already sent you https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WALCL
Why did you keep on saying that the FED lied???


It's truly amazing how great the transparency system is on Steemit and how it makes the whole platform more win-win.

They never gonna stop to LIE!!!...:)...

We need a decentralized system to replace these crooks and liars

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I don't always agree sir..but spot on here. and anyone NOT loading up on silver and gold..especially silver here is missing the boat.

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Thank You, Gregory, Like I said before, All the more reason to "Audit the Fed.

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