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Gregory Mannarino

Bitcoin Meltdown. Plunges nearly 8K from high. I outlined how this would happen 1 week ago. "Gregory Mannarino - Bitcoin Futures Biggest Pump and Dump Ever." Click here:

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Kudos to people who secured profits.

I too believe in Steemit, and I have about 10K in account value here. SBD has been going crazy over the last week. I could have sold the 900 SBD I took out of savings for 15K a few days ago. Now it's only worth 7K. I think I'll leave it in a Bittrex wallet for now and hope for another rise in the future.

A lot of "new money" is being taken off the table right now in crypto. Never be that new money folks. It's the classic buy low and sell high. Only gamble, that's what this is, with what you can lose too!

Thanks Mr. Mannarino for your shared wisdom.

@finnian...just wait. Steem will recover. In past when Bitcoin dropped all other Cryptos dropped too. The market will get used to that Ether or Steem is different to Bitcoin. I think Steem and Ether will recover quite quick but not Bitcoin. It's a perfect time to buy Ether or Steem. I studied many Cryptos, I studied also who is behind the Cryptos. Vitalik Buterin is great and very honest. Ether is a top shot. Steemit as a system is a top shot. But the Blockchain of Ethereum is in my opinion much more better for the very important things.

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the crypto market has these kinds of moves from time to time, has happened several times this year alone.

@agnesbarhorst...this time it's different. Bitcoin is on big risk beacause of futures. I would change all Bitcoins to Ether or Steem.

Yes bro you are right

@marketreport...Greg Mannarino is absolutely right. I advice all to change bitcoin to other altcoins. Ether and Steem lost also a lot. It's a perfect point to buy Ether or Steem after a big drop. I'm already in Ether and Steem. Otherwise I would buy right now.

Watching that CME bond price like a daily prayer now. This tool is so helpful to navigate bitcoin price action. Thanks Greg, upped and resteemed.

Everybody is responsible for his own gains or losses, so stop crying like babies ;-) and don´t complain Gregory for doing a good job (and for free) !

Resteemed and upvoted! Hey Greg, I'm starting to wonder with this selloff, how much influence does the actual price of Bitcoin have on the price of other altcoins. Most other altcoins seem to be down too. If you decide to get into an altcoin, would you be looking at the price of Bitcoin to stabilize first?

@koljak...My opinion...In past when Bitcoin went down all the others went down too. It's still a normal reflex. I'm sure this will start to change. I would sell all Bitcoins immediately. I would buy Ehter or Steem right now. It's a perfect point to enter after a 30+% lost.

Some analysts are saying Bitcoin may drop to 8000 in the near term, but are still bullish overall. I think I'm going to wait till I see the price the price drop a little more before I step into any other coins.

@koljak...Bitcoin can rise as usual. For me are too many uncertainty with Bitcoin. You have to follow your feelings.

Hi koljak, I´m not that deep into Bitcoin-investing like Gregory or others, but what I already could see, is that Bitcoin act as the benchmark for other altcoins. Bitcoin has the biggest market-cap and so there´s the biggest liquidity, also for bigger players very important, he is easier to handle. Bitcoin is like the first wave (also because they can take influence bitcoin easier with the futures)... when the bitcoin-wave starts up or down, you always can see some big flipping into other coins...

I think some money from Bitcoin will soon move into other altcoins. We could see altcoins make a run in 2018 just like Bitcoin did this year.

Excellent video as usual. Amazing that people thought this was a rocketship straight to the moon. I'm not saying it won't go to the moon, but it will be more like a subway to the moon....with many many stops in the middle.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for posting

I told this to my friends too - BTC is technically crippled.

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Rigging and Manipulation YES!

$610 BILLION Market Cap yesterday then this morning $400 BILLION

Now back up to $485 Billion looks like the correction is done. Buy the Dip folks.

Santa clause Rally happens for the Stock market next week!

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Futures gaming the cryptos...... those bastards
Thanx for the update.
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$150 billion "down the drain in cryptocurrencies" is the top/first page on the MarketWatch front page...

US Equities are down just a bit, precious metals up a little

My emerging markets mutual fund is up slightly,

Dollars and Bonds currently up


If anyone is "mad at Mannarino" for losing their money in Cryptos, c'mon folks.

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1975 COMEX Gold trading startet and Gold was manipulated down from 200 to 100 $. People should have been warned from this.

If Bitcoin was a real currency it would be stable. Also, I could go to the supermarket and use Bitcoin to buy a loaf of bread without any fee or delay. Since neither of those is true I conclude that it is not a viable currency. It is a Tulip for gamblers to invest in at great risk.

Great info bitcoin right now for some is a buying opportunity and for others its a big loss. RS

@marketreport. Stop. "bitcoin" wanted an ETF and wanted to be recognized by wall street. I said 7 months ago to @jrcornel that this exact thing would happen once BTC loses it's anon status. It's not wall street. It's retail traders like me that short BTC. I said it was worthless, continue to believe it is worthless, and shorting to 10000. So no markets aren't rigged. BTC_F was created cause IT wanted recognition. Wanna play at the big boy table. Here ya go.

I warned your followers a couple of times, minus what you didn't downvote to hide the truth as I see it. That you are a fraud. But hey, maybe now that they are losing EVERYTHING, because you irresponsibly didn't EXPLAIN risk management to your followers, I hope they start litigation against you. You are a self proclaimed "financial expert" Good job, now they have recourse against you and anything you said or suggested. Good thing the blockchain doesn't forget right? I said you were dangerous, you downvoted it to hide the fact, and now your getting emails on what to do, but, you wanna distance yourself cause you don't know what the Fk you're doing yourself.

GMs followers take heed!!!

Greg I will be posting this to my page as well without you tagged so you cannot downvote it immediately. As a whale that made money from ppl following you and commenting, then telling the same ppl that you cannot help them and post that the markets are fake is irresponsible and you (if you actually are a trader) should take responsibility.

I was up, then I was down. It's knida like sex

Thanks Greg for your great report. Steem will rock! upvoted and resteemed.

thanks Greg for all you do, and especially for bring attention to the charity to help our four-legged kids who need homes --> https://animalfoundation.com/

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If Bitcoin was a real currency it would be stable. Also, I could go to the supermarket and use Bitcoin to buy a loaf of bread without any fee or delay. Since neither of those is true I conclude that it is not a viable currency. It is a Tulip for gamblers to invest in at great risk.

Well that's pushing it a bit. Was the internet not a real invention just because the infrastructure wasn't there to support it at its inception? If Bitcoin, or Altcoins were more widely accepted, then the infrastructure would come next.

Very very true. Now that the infrastructure AND the regulations are all in place there is ransomware, trojans, worms, instability, and soon speed throttling. While we are heading to 5G and beadforming capabilities (needed for autonomous vehicles) that also is good but not without throttling requirements for infrastructure and such.

However I posted that the only intrinsic value this thing has is is anonymous factor. that will be take away and it just like tulips will fade. May not happen overnight but the market makers, and retail traders (like myself) that are shorting it aren't helping it much. As it is gaining in recognition and now parabolic hyperactive incessant streaming and attention, I see nothing but Good times ahead for my position shorting the BTC

Bond market and stock market both flat as I write this. Is this a short trading day going into the holiday? Anyway, stocks don't trade again until Tuesday. That gives investors and traders an extra long time to contemplate what they will do when market reopens. (Although bitcoin will be trading the whole time.) It will be interesting to compare today's close in stocks vs bitcoin to Tuesday's stock market open vs bitcoin. I think that will tell the tale of next week; but definitely opportunities next week (I think).

I wonder if they ever will let the bond and equity markets really sell off again.

Great video!
Thanks for your work and Merry Christmas!
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sir what can do know all price has down,i am finish

did you get into BTC based on what he said? maybe his hype about how great it is? How well he is doing by investing in it? Did you take his suggestions as financial advice?

You share always nice post

I love the shit out of Gregory Mannirino, this guy is to cool for school. I never miss a report, the Jesus of wall street lol. love you to Hunter!

Upvoted and resteemed. Did "sell" some BTC two weeks ago based on your hint. Thanks for the heads up!

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