CAUTION ADVISED: NOW Potential For Substantial Sell Off In Stocks And Bonds. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Money flowing back in to the crypto currency’s, but the metals are not doing so well at the moment, thanks mike

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Tomorrow is the FED day. Lets see what happens.

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Update appreciated. That bond market selloff is impressive.

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Caution advised in this market on this lovely day!!!!!
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My eyeballs didn’t explode but they certainly hurt a little after watching the bond market selloff on your website. Let’s see if the Fed comes in and tries propping it up like it does on a daily basis. The drop is pretty dramatic today tho and my eyes will explode if the Fed doesn’t try to keep the market afloat .... such a fun show to watch when you realize what’s really going on. Your analysis makes a lot more sense than anything else out there. Thank you sir and have a lovely day.

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I do not know if this will be THE sell off but I think a pullback in certainly in our near future.

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check out BND on (free chart). The multi year low is 79. Below 79 down through 78 is breaking a threshhold and worth watching for sure. Thanks to Greg for making me aware of this and how it affects the market.

Thank You Greg, I will be checking out your charts today.

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Grateful for continuing education on bonds, rates and linkage to market. Looks like a good day to work on income tax. :o(
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Gregory, I love your honesty and Italian expressiveness! And you have been given by God keen insight into the markets. I would love to hear you give God the glory. He is the one blessing you!

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Greg, It appears if 10yr rates get above 2.9, they slap them down and the DJIA seems to be congruent to rates AT THE MOMENT, so unless they allow rates to rise, it doesn't appear that the DJIA will go anywhere fast.

Wow, huge volumes on the buy up side of the bond market. Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day after the Fed’s lip flapping.

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