(ALERT VIDEO). Stocks: The Bull Run Will Continue. Plus MORE Updates. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Job Numbers are FUD!
Sell off of the BONDS? this is only the beginning.

SELL-OFF will continue :)
Now watch the STOCKS SELL-OFF mid next week.
Trumps take over of the FED will systematically be shut down.

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So true! Markets just are representing our own psychological response to different news :)

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I think there is totally something wrong with the stock market even tough it’s going up as of now. We are just above 200 DMA and if we break back below it in the few trading days we will see repetition of recent historic selloff, or even worse than that. Look at the crypto market, it’s selling off and stocks are raising. This should be warning sign as well. We shall see. Thank you for your up to date video!

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I am in Citigroup.

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Useful information @marketreport. ..Can you tell me when will the price of cryptocurrency go up?

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Useful information..That is great.Glad to see it..Robin hood of market..@marketreport

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The trend is still up, but we need to see S & P 500 and the Dow take out new highs and the many sellers located in the supply zones before the bull run continues.


S & P 500

The question becomes, can the Nasdaq rise all tides.

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Bonds selling off BIGTIME!!!
Thanx Gregory
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Yes I see that, if they don't prop it up soon could come down today.

It is about making you think from a different perspective.
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Truly , i have notice it that the bull run will continue because if you check many stock and crypto RSI it has approches a point of trend reversal.

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Thanks for you efforts Greg. I have noticed that minimum wages are rising at a very fast rate, but everyone else's wages aren't budging. I can see universal income becoming a reality.

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