(ALERT). STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND [email protected]@K AT THIS! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Off the Scale BOND suppression!

Not suprising nobody bats a eye at the Bond Market, most don't know about them.
Look at ChemSpraying; Right before your eyes in the sky. And Nobody says anything???
Even on the US Government website; GeoEngineering going on and spraying of chemicals into the atmosphere; And the sheeple say nothing?

I watched a video interview where a govt. "scientist" admitted to spraying sulphuric acid into the atmosphere... on national television! Nobody says a thing.

Just to big to grasp for most sheeple.

You would almost naturally think, SULPHURIC ACID, everybody has to know no good can come from this. The sheep can't possibly be that stupid- or maybe they can. I went to get some drain cleaner at the hardware and it's hydrochloric acid. The guy says "now you can open a meth lab." I ask him WHAT??? He says yeah that's what they put in it.

You lost me at chem spraying, man...

Somebody is making a killing with SPY Calls!

gold silver crypto land and a litle bit cash outside banking system

Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed. I am an hour late. The chart is green poles. Oh, the first tiny red candle is showing. See you this afternoon.

Golds doing nicely at the moment back in the 🇬🇧. Cheers

Hello sir robin hood, good to see you.Everytime I wait for your updates.Thanks for sharing once again.

That bond buying is epic for sure and of course the market is responding. I love your new chart and am watching it closely as we might be approaching an inflection point. Thanks again for everything Greg, will definitely be paying it forward.

There goes that bond buying again!

Greg, you totally right and we did upvote and re air

We will probably have one more big rally and that might be it.

Greg, Thanks again for all you do. The bond buying indeed is dramatic with 30 Yeard Bonds auction this afternoon. Staying long until you charts say otherwide upvoted and resteemed

Looks like they are trying to regain control of oil price also. They must be printing like crazy to keep this up.

Yes, Oil prices are down this morning and yet Israel Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria as Regional Tensions Mount.

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That is a huge green candle, followed by more green candles, still green.

I think your foundation comes! Because this is the best way to get your post .I think the last post of logic will always be good for everyone.

These looser keeping the bonds up. I cannot wait to see this bond stuff going down the way that should be.

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Thanks for the information sir.

Really incredible. Have to wonder how long this rigging can last.
Upvoted and resteemed.

Wow, how long can they keep doing this? If Euro yeild curve has already inverted how long till ours does? Very risky market. Time to stay out.

Brother Greg @marketreport - if Steemit goes to the 1-for-1 voting system as they are discussing, you can bet that you will earn my vote every day (for whatever that's worth!). You continue to impress daily with the most insightful and valuable up to the minute pertinent economic information (with great tools!) of any other blogger I have viewed. Thank you sincerely good sir for your tireless work and humanitarian efforts.
www.traderschoice.net 4-life!
R.O.C.K. On / STEEM Onward!

good news. good video....I will waiting your next post.

Are you sure the chart isn’t just broken? 😳

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Bond buying goes to the moon........ What goes up usually comes down

That is a huge green candle, followed by more green candles, still green.