(ALERT). President Trump Tweets MATERIAL NON PUBLIC INFORMATION: Stocks Vault Higher.

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Gregory Mannarino

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I agree.

Man that's a huge update.Thank you very much sir robin hood for sharing these update.That's why I follow you and always wait for your posts.

Thanks again, Gregory.

Need to start paying more attention to Trump tweets.

I never saw the tweet but the catalyst was evident. It's not right but I'm happy nonetheless holding calls on the diamonds. #upvoted #resteemed.

Good job,
Thanks for your regular reports......

Good analysis.........

Hi Gregory, start sucking on one of your pure Silver coins to get rid of your sickness.
Of coarse US citizens will have to pay for the WALL, the wall that will imprison them all. Sound like what Germany did???

I have also been disappointed on a number of Trump agenda items, particularly allowing the continuing fake investigations that are destroying people's lives, and also allowing the biggest crooks in Washington to continue to walk free. The justice system is broken.
upvtoed and resteemed.

#FakeMarkets .... yup

Re-steemed for the good of all mankind!!!

Greg, Thanks for the analysis and thoughts on Trump tweets. Several folks now tweet their books, why not Trump. No one is going after Carl Ichan or Warren Buffett. I took Trump trades off my musing this year. Thinking about resinstating on my weekly blog going forward. Upvoted and resteemed.

*wow that's good news man!!

Great info! Thank you for sharing it...Cheers!!!!

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