ALERT: Despite Hot Inflation Data, The Fed. Is In Trouble And Stocks Will Rise. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Stock markets unsettled after US inflation data but i also believe that it will rise again and we saw little rise in cryptomarket too. Thanks for sharing information with us.

thank you for the information keep updating #marketreport

Thank you Greg

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Cheers for another great video greg , if you fancy something a bit more light hearted check out my last few posts. Thanks mike

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Thanks Greg. Is there an end to this roller coaster in sight?

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Excelent as always! I follow you for a long time already. I love your analysis.

As rigged as it can be ...


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These 'flash crashes' in the precious metals prices seem to be happening every time we start to see positive moves in the gold price. That cannot be coincidental.

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Greg, when will you build a position in Bitcoin again or what needs to happen before that happens? What indicators do you need to see before coming back into that space? Or are you going to power down on Steem then exchange it into BTC at some point in the future? Upvoted and resteem, thanks and keep the udpdates coming, let's put these central banks and money printers out of business because we all know the game now and are smarter than they are!

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When is the Fed not in trouble....??? lol
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Bonds selling off hard
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Upvoted and resteemed. Markets don't believe the aggressive rate hike story. They're going to keep on riding this gravy train.

Thank you Greg! It is this type of technical analysis that helps support my recent decision to buy back into this market. Hopefully in retrospect this will be a buy the dip moment and not a buy at the top. Only time will tell.

It's a lot better, we want it better

caused my stocks to drop on the day I needed to sell for crypto's.
I am getting out of the Stock Market before the MELT DOWN!

“দিনকাল পাল্টে গেছে, এখন আর মানুষ আগের মতো নাই।মওলানা ধরনের মানুষের দিকে এখন আর আগের মতো ভয়-মিশ্রিত শ্রদ্ধার চোখে কেউ তাকায় না। মওলানাও যে বিবেচনায় রাখার মতো একজন, কেউ তাও বোধহয় মনে করে না। ছল্টুফল্টু ভাবে।”

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Here comes QE4.

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I noticed the really weird pre market reversal in minutes of all stocks going higher to dropping like rocks. Appreciate the explanation. upvoted and resteemed.

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