ALERT! China Is Going To "Open Up" Their Markets? Don't Hold Your Breath. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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The probability of the inevitable happening becomes greater with every passing day.

Your new light is too bright Greg 💡 you gotta warm up the eyes to prevent the squints 😉

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CNBC will be cheerleading again.

#Parrots I think some of them are starting to realize how lame they actually are

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Thanks for the post! Do any of these fake market investors even have a rationale for how the value of the individual companies making up the Dow, S&P, etc will actually rise based on the mere comments of the Chinese leader?

That is a good question.

this is indeed good news you describe.

Sooner or later, I believe all other countries will also be opening their markets to cryptos.

They are keeping the people content until they can pull the rug out.

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Thanks for the update. Curious as to how much influence the so called China opening up trade vs feds buying up the bond market affected stock.
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Shall we get some popcorn and watch the cheerleaders at the Confederacy of Dunces?

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Naturally, this market is to totally fake. You really need to have courage and money to burn, amazing.

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