A Deeper Understanding Of THIS TERRIBLE GAME. By Gregory Mannarino

in #money3 years ago


Crude up nearly 1.75%, remember.. both the energy and financial sectors are dependent in high crude prices which is used as a propping up mechanism for the stock market. YOU will continue to pay to subsidize this entire thing.. you have no choice... wake up.


Yes, gasoline was under $1.90, not long ago. Near $2.60 last time I looked. The good thing is that it's not inflation.

Yeah it is messed up and only serves the rich. Thanks Greg

Greg, Thanks for your honest insights, videos and sharing your trades. if you have interest, my trading group plays a group of stocks like TSLA and BA that need to move +_ 10 every week. Worked out great in 2018 and so far no losers in 2019. Just one of your followers giving back, TraderDad (George)

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