8/30/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: The Mythical "Missing" 21 Trillion. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Greg, you just get better and better.
Don't worry about insulting them if they can't handle the truth!

I hate I phones. The humanity is totally dumb down by this pathetic technology. Like anything else, it can be use for good or evil. I do not need that junk.

What, did you never hear of the Airforce Stargate Command? In Cheyenne Mountain, commanded by General ONeill. Thats where the 21 Trillion went, to build the Protheus and all that. :)

If I want to listen to someone that bashes Trump every time they open their mouth I'll watch CNN.

Onya Greg. I particularly like the Buffet Suppository (of all wisdom - Al La Australian Ex-PM Tony Abbott):

Keep it up, Greg. You're doing excellent work. This segment was one of your better goodies. I'm sure Mr. Buffett is able to sit comfortably with his Apple Suppository upon a ginormous cushion of Apple's hard CASH. Cheers

Don't stroke out. The worst is yet to come.
upvoted and resteemed.

Wow Greg’s wasted drunk here