6/26/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: Trouble Ahead For The Financial Sector? By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Good advice Gregory. to not short the market...
instead I bought more
LTC @ $75
VERI @ $42.50

Thanks again, Gregory. I'll be watching.

Fractional reserve lending is one off the biggest cons off all time. Thanks mike

Which electric vehicle did you buy?

No short market.. OK
Thanx for update!!!

Thanks for share your valuable blog.

That idea is very much appreciated by watching this video! we need to see this video for atlist steemit market!

Thanks again Greg for everything. I've purchased all your training materials and have opened my Think or swim account and ready to trade. FEED ME!!

Greg, You have saved me tons of bad trades. Watching these short videos have helped me make really good decisions. Thank you so very much.

Zero hedge is thinking like mannarino 👇


Tell us about your new electric vehicle.

been very much a follower of late..Trouble? where were you 2000 dow points ago?

Thanks Greg, excellent review of the day. upvoted and resteemed..

Great information Greg. Thank you.

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