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Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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As usual very helpful thanks mate, cheers mike

Thank you Greg! Netflix I feel is a very strong play. Really appreciate your work brother!

Artikel bagus dn mudah dimengerti dan saya vote. @ellaolivia

i love this post!

Thanks For Valuable Information .....Sir Upvoted Thanxx Again ........

thanks for helping us during the chaotic meteorite rise of bullshit!

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!
Its Very Helpful Post For Me :)

As always... thanx for the update!!!
Much appreciated!!!

Greg your stock trading tips are great and full of knowledge.

Thanks for all this valuable information Greg. Upvoted

Perfect, thank you Greg!

@marketreport your updates about dollar is something that no one tells us now a days you really reveals the inside story for us.

wow what a wonderful information and tips you shared greg i like stocks and your tips really helps me to get started.

I am a fan of Silver.

we upvoted this one too and thank you Greg for posting

What a nice info Greg full of knowledge thanks for sharing.

@marketreport i want to ask some exchage whcih is better for us now these situation whats u preffer

i will try it new stock picks appriciatr u for ur work about todays latest news and specially about dollar

Very nice.
Puts...It seems as though you are ready for a bit of a pullback!

Upvoted & ReSteemed.
I am sharing your picks with those that are interested in them.
Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks Greg. It's interesting for me to see you're holding the short positions :]

Thx Greg!

Thisn you are going to get destroyed on Greg. I don't think you could have timed the NFLX short any worse actually. Sorry bro. >>> :-(

Never know. I (as usual) opened a small initial position.,If it turns I lose the minimum.

Yeah but...those NFLX puts are selling for over $9 per! I don't see any way this trade turns out to be a winner for you but I certainly "hope" it does as I am still holding SPY puts right now. :-) Just wondering what you saw on the chart? A rally into a previous low? You do realize that NFLX is going to trade thru the 52 week high before it crashes and burns I hope. You "might" want to curtail you shorting until the VIX trades to belowst 9.50. VIX only at 10.50 even as the general market is getting waxed? Doesn't that tell you something? :-) If I can get things squared away today I will long the RUT 2000 via IWM as it has the most upside of the majors. Not sure I can get er did today tho.

HUGE "red flag" with the VIX. Damn little ho can't even take out last week's 11.50 high...or come close for that matter. I think she wants me, greg. Come to papa, baby. :-)

Greg, will you PLEASE come out and say "buy gold! Buy silver! But the gold stocks!" right now? Every time I have you guys at the brink of crash and burn your legion of fans chiken out and refuse to put GDX and SLV "over the top!" Look at how close I just came with GDX. I'm just asking for a move thru 23.10. You guys were just knocking on $23 a minute ago....then this!

Doggam what a bunch of chickin sheeyits! Let's goooooo, lemmings n sheeple! You all talk a big game. Put your $$$ where your mouth is already! :-)

I don't like SLV or GLD longs here. If I were long these I would pull my profit.

Ahhh, you sly dawg you. Silver and gold not the "safe havens" we all thunk they wuz. :-) This rally in the majors is going to be retraced to the lows methinks..."hopefully" before the day is thru so I can get my IWM (long, strong, and "potentialy" very wrong!) trade belowst be eggzact. ready for some more JoeJustJoe magic? :-0

I'm with ya on a QQQ short to $ this Fri! :O Wish me "luck" on thisn, Greg. :-0 VIX signaled buy too so the tea leaves are all lined up. Let's see if I can get my IWM long trade accomplished by the close. Doubtful....veeery doubtful. :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks. I will check out your new pick.
Any reason silver not moving up with gold?

Thank you @marketreport
Nice post...

nice post thanks for sharing..

thanks for the new pics and tips greg its really helpful.

Thanks for the new picks greg

I went ahead with the NFLX & SPY puts.
I am ready to find out when you are completed with this trade.
Thanks for the heads up.

Dow hitting record high. The market sentiment is too good and very calm I personally think this is time to decrease exposure.

Will look at these new stock picks always appreciate your information

Thank you so much for your kind tips and help. ROAR!!!!

dollar is falling but still no higher silver price :(

Thanks you

thx Greg

More picks from the lead LION! Much appreciated as always Mr. M.

thank you for your advice

I'll assume those puts were buys not sells. Would like to also see the price/c omission you paid.

Nice Post !! Thanks !!

Love the post. Thanks For Share!

nice posting
always helpful
thank you

Upvoted and re-steemed! Thanks so very much!

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Very nice.