4/4/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: A New Stock Market Paradigm. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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700 point Swing???
BOND Manipulation will continue.
Taking your profits is always the smart move.

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Thanks for the update Greg.

Thx Greg.

Grateful for the update. I've been out of the market for 3 weeks, but looks like I need to get back into the FAKE market to make some REAL money (which is also FAKE money).
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Upvote and resteemed sir

Thanx for the update Gregory!!!
Lovely April day!!! lol
Can you say "fake markets"???? Sure you can.......

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Thanks for great post.

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70% up in one day, congrats Greg

Fake markets. Fake fake fake.

Greg, Gregory,

AI my friend. You explain very well the traditional effects. Yet I have asked in the past your thoughts about the artificial.

Manipulation given, but what about computers specifically?

You can't fight the speed of the chip!

Kindly answer to your experience, education and gut feeling on this.

As always Greg, keep the best advancing.

its great informative post ,,thanks for share

Hey Greg, as always you put things into perspective. Will this rollercoaster ride ever stop....I'm getting a bit queezy from all this UP and down action. Keep on steemin brother. Upvoted.

great vlog, thanks for the update

Greg, Thanks for the XLF Trade. I was nibbling on the long side of XBI (Health), RUT and now XLF too. Resteemed and upvoted