3/19/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: OMG Stocks Fall! Time To Panic? By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Captain Jack knows!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks again, Gregory. I upvote and resteem on all days.

I for one are not panicking, thanks

I’m sorry for your FB and IBM loses. That’s what the institutions do, they want to scare shit out of us. The bull trap is confirming, we are heading much lower!


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I'm late.... What did I miss?
re-steem action .... yup

The market seems to be like teflon. No big move yet into metals. We'll see how it progresses. Thanks for your expert ideas.

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100% resteemed done sir

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Great content sir. Resteem And Upvote done 💪

I am happy for facebook

As always you offer a good perspective. Love watching the show and staying calm. There will simply be more opportunity to capitalize once things settle down. Thank you sir and it was a lovely day (sitting in cash and not in the market).

Yes, it is time to panic!

The stock markets are going to fall, then collapse, and they will never get up again. The corruption is so deep that only a collapse can clean it up. DTCC failure to delivers... should never happen, why isn't the stock market shut down and a complete audit happening? Well, the reason is, it would expose the rigging, and worse it would expose that most stocks are sold 4 or 5 times.

So, the stock markets are just a bunch of people betting on the movements of numbers without any basis or backing. At least with the tulip mania, you had a tulip bulb.


Central bankify yourself!

Greg, perhaps if you're getting messages from people who haven't experienced crashes (like 2008, 2001 or 1987)??? Could be scary if all you have experienced it going up and up and up....

Thanks so much for putting today in perspective. I'm curious as to where the market will go tomorrow. Good that it is finally coming out how in bed many tech companies are with the Deep State to control us. 1984
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I think you're right, the market isn't panicking at all. If that were the case they would have ran into precious metals and that didn't happen. We'll see if it carry's into the over night trading and over seas to determine if the thing is going to continue but the trend is still up.

Great content.